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One-day Practitioner Certification training - For coaches, therapists and other people-development professionals

Next training - Wednesday 6th June 2018.

Due to our other commitments, we rarely run this training day as an open programme - usually just once or twice a year.

Step up your Belief Change skills - become a 'Belief Change Practitioner' and learn a powerful process that leads to rapid, lasting and authentically empowered belief change.

Includes Certification for approved use of the French-Burgess 6-Step Belief Change Process and our associated model, handouts and materials in your own coaching or training.

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My name is Tony Burgess and I work closely with my partner in life and in business, Julie French. That's us in the photo below. Together we are co-founders and Directors of the Academy of High Achievers Ltd

Tony Burgess and Julie French

We're also parents, we're life partners, we're experienced in professional speaking, training, coaching and therapy work. We're passionate about helping people and supporting others to help more people!

Belief change and belief alignment is a key specialism we have developed over many years and this work continues to positively impact upon all of our day to day roles in life and in business. We live and breathe our message and we are on a mission to help as many people as we can with the powerful tools that we have developed.

We hope that you too will choose to add our powerful method to your existing toolbox, as it will blend beautifully with so many other change and development tools. Our method will enhance the ultimate effectiveness of your current tools by aligning a deep layer of the very mental structures that shape a person's world: Beliefs!

People believe their own beliefs!

This can be empowering or it can be debilitating.

It affects everything! At least a part of you already knows that the consequences can be far-reaching.

Beliefs have the power to open up the gates on your magnificent inner resources or they can block the flow of those same resources so it seems like they hardly even exist.



"I have spent an enjoyable day in an excellent learning environment. Tony & Julie have created an elegant process that powerfully changes the things that are most likely to hold people back. I would recommend it very happily"

Andy Clark

Practice Building

"I loved the content, your training style and harmony. The training was run with such ease and in a really pleasurable learning environment. Thank you so much for everything."

Lisa Clifford


"Many thanks for a fantastic day"

Pauline Newbury

Performance Development Consultant

Pauline Newbury Associates Ltd


"Excellent day"

Jenny Copeland



"I loved this course. It was full of growth and positivity. I can use this personally and professionally. Tony and Julie are extememely generous with materials you can use with your own clients after you leave. Superb! Thank you!"

Jo Devereaux, Counsellor



"Wow! What an amazing day. It's been fun, powerful and memorable. The French-Burgess Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System is deceptively simple and hugely empowering. I know this is going to be a tool I use again and again - for my own benefit and for the benefit of others. We've been able to see positive changes happen throughout the day. Powerful on both personal and professional levels. Thank you Tony & Julie - this is remarkable!"

Mary Collin

Business Coach and Business Owner

U-Can (Un)Ltd



"Absolutely loved this day ... it has been stimulating, inspiring, challenging and yet fun. A truly liberating experience and one which reaffirms that change is possible and can be instant. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful and nurturing environment - you were both such great leaders and hosts."

Gayle Edwards, Breakthru' Diva, CD Success


"A very empowering experience"

Inga Deksne

Motivational Coach



"What a fantastic course. Teaching through personal experience really brings the content to life. Can't wait to put this into practice"

Nicki Senior, Delta Change Academy




This one-day certification programme thoroughly prepares you to go out into the world and immediately use this highly practical belief-change process - a methodology that helps people to 'get out of their own way' and really thrive by aligning powerful beliefs with desired goals and outcomes.



French-Burgess Belief Gates model


French-Burgess Belief Gates Model

© 2005


Beliefs can be the difference between failure and success, happiness and unhappiness, between being stuck or thriving in your endeavours. They can nourish or destroy relationships, they can interfere with or accelerate progress, they can be the difference between simply existing and living your dreams!

Effective belief change matters!

Success literature is full of references to the role that belief plays in personal and professional achievement and fulfillment. A consistent message is that if you want to achieve what you want in life, you have to believe! It is remarkable that so few of these references go on to offer even a hint of 'how to' get beliefs in place that support such successful outcomes.

Of course all is well if you already have all your beliefs constantly aligned with achieving your outcomes. It is fine if none of your clients are pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, setting themselves stretching goals or experiencing any doubts or uncertainties.

Tony Burgess

The truth is that what most people experience out there in the world is far from the kind of consistent empowered belief-set that would best serve them on their personal and professional life journeys. And worse than that, most people don't have any idea where to start to positively change or align their beliefs with what they want to achieve. Why would they? They weren't trained how to do so at school. They weren't trained how to do so by their parents. They weren't prepared for it in their career development. And even in the personal development and success literature there is a noticeable gap in this area.

Just saying "You've got to believe" is simply not enough for people. If believing is so important then people will need to know how!

Your clients need to know how to get their beliefs back on track when they set themselves a challenging goal or find themselves in unfamiliar territory or they start to experience some doubt and anxiety about their ambitions or their own resourcefulness and self-worth.

Julie French

Our 'Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System' has been developed through years of working with real clients, through modelling and reinforcing what has worked best, tweaking and honing the steps for ease of explanation and application which in turn has led to increasingly powerful results along the way.

We've already taught this method to thousands of people and we have been delighted by the stories that have filtered back to us on how it has been used to enhance lives and how it has unlocked personal performance. We are now looking to really step up this positive 'ripple effect' by increasing our number of certified practitioners in this carefully-crafted and widely tested empowerment system.



"I just wanted to say how much I have learned from you Guys and how powerful the tools that you have taught me are.

As a Business Coach I know that that people can easily discover the skills that they need to grow their Businesses and achieve their goals ( through books, audio, seminars, internet etc).

What often stops them from applying these skills is their limiting belief patterns.

Your Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System is great. Simple tools that allow me to help my clients change their limiting beliefs and create more powerful beliefs.

I can do this quickly and easily with them which then allows them to apply the skills and strategies they need to make more money, free up their time and achieve the lifestyle that they choose.

The more people you can share these models with, the more we can all help others achieve what they deserve.

I hope this inspires others to learn from you and Julie as you are true masters of your profession."

Andy Gwynn

Business Growth Specialist, Sales and Marketing Expert, Professional Speaker and Property Investor


"I found the day to be a very empowering and inspiring training event, delivered by Tony and Julie in a very relaxed, calm and enjoyable environment. The programme was excellently delivered with ease and passion and all delegates were supported and encouraged to take an active role in their learning. Thank you. I look forward to working with you both again in the future and I wholeheartedly recommend the whole experience"

Lynette Gardner, Youth Impact Coach




Who will benefit from becoming a Certified Practitioner?

Those who can benefit from becoming Certified Practitioners in our Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System include...

  • Coaches (including Life, Business, Performance & Confidence Coaches) and other professionals who use Coaching approaches
  • NLP Practitioners
  • Trainers
  • Therapists
  • Consultants who get involved in any form of 'people development' projects
  • Voice Coaches
  • Personal Fitness trainers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Youth Workers
  • Team Builders and Team Developers
  • Sports Coaches

    .... and other faciliators of change, development and performance

Tony Burgess

What will I get on the actual day of the certification training?

You will leave with a firm grasp on the theoretical model upon which the system stands, allowing you to fully appreciate and explain how belief alignment needs to be a crucial part of attaining any personal or professional goal or outcome.

You'll have proven to yourself and others that you can easily and effectively apply our powerful '6 Step Belief Change Process' to help people to 'get out of their own way' and then 'smooth the way' to goal and outcome achievement. You'll have been taught the steps and you will have lived and breathed being in the practitioner role with feedback given from us as trainers.

You'll have directly experienced and benefited from working on aligning your own beliefs to one of your own goals or desired outcomes, facilitated by other participants. This will give you the confidence through personal experience that the Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System works effectively and powerfully.

You'll leave with a competence level that warrants full certification as an Academy of High Achievers' approved Practitioner in the French-Burgess 'Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System' which means that you can use our methods plus any associated copyrighted materials within your change work (including handouts, worksheets, Belief Gates Model and our e-book) on an ongoing basis with our full approval.

You will also be provided with lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Plus of course our full support, attention and feedback throughout the training experience and beyond ...

Julie French

What about after I've completed the training?

After the training we will make ourselves available for any personal check-in calls for any follow-on support you may wish to access relating to continuing to use any aspects of the 'Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System'. We want you to continue to keep your knowledge and skills sharp as an approved Practitioner, so we will continue to support you when you need it.



"I have used the Belief Gates System on myself and also with clients too.


I have found that now I am so familiar with the process that I actually don’t have to go through all of the steps in great detail.  It’s almost like my mind is now programmed to automatically change unhelpful thoughts and the helpful thought process is stronger and able to ‘over rule’ the negative or unhelpful state. 

We (Sean and I) used the process when we were talking about coming to Africa to live the dream that we have now made happen. It was incredibly powerful!"

Jane Keogh

Experienced Coach and Trainer and now General Manager of 'Chongwe River Camp & House' in Zambia with husband Sean


"Julie and Tony have another hit on their hands with this excellent training on how to bring about   belief change. I highly recommend it to you.

This course is delivered in a fun but thought provoking way. The model is clearly explained, and comprehensive back up materials provided. Interactive pairs work throughout the day helps to embed and reinforce important key learning points. The Burgess-French style of working is warm approachable and inclusive, combined with their willingness to offer ongoing support to participants in bringing about those necessary life changes, makes this course great learning, entertainment  and good value for your money.

A great day – book it – now!"

Annette Clarke

University Lecturer


" A really enjoyable day. I liked the interactive nature of the day. It gave me a lot of thoughts on how I can progress forward in the right direction after a year of change"

Clare Holdcroft, Mountains in Mind


"Thank you Tony & Julie- loved the course and found it be a very positive experience. The French-Burgess 6-Step Belief Change System is a practical, simple and empowering model that really works! I know that because I came to the course with some self-limiting beliefs but left feeling that after working through the 6 steps I’ve successfully ‘got them out of the way’.

Now I know the model, I’m really looking forward to using it to successfully develop/coach my own people.

Tony & Julie give you the opportunity to practice in a safe environment with fellow delegates, so you leave the day feeling confident that you can apply the skills instantly. They are both excellent trainers that create a sense of warmth and togetherness for group. You feel like you can really trust them to deliver and help you to truly understand their thinking! It was also extremely encouraging to have a good selection of take-aways from a workbook to a memory stick loaded with plenty of ‘Belief Change Practitioner’ content.

I’m now strongly considering attending the DISC training with Tony & Julie later this year after this experience."

Adam Harwood


"What a fabulous day! Thank you Tony and Julie. Your belief change method is going to be wonderful for supporting clients and is great also for my own personal development"

Jennifer Whitehill, Coach




Where does the training take place?

Due to our other commitments and lots of travel, we rarely run this as an 'open' programme for individuals to attend. A rare opportunity to join an open programme is on Wednesday 6th June 2018 in Stafford, UK.

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Times: Doors open at 8:45am, training starts at 9:30am, training finishes at 5:30pm

Venue: Stafford (UK) venue to be confirmed

Investment: £240 (including vat)

Book your place using the payment button below:




We are also willing to consider running this programme for your group anywhere in the UK or worldwide

Give Tony a call on 00447989 469 570




"When you suddenly face a self-belief that is seriously in your way, stopping you from moving on and achieving your ambition to grow, that really distresses. And it worries even more when you cannot find the way out.


And there is a really effective way forward: The French-Burgess '6-Step Belief Change Process'.

Having applied this approach so many times with my coaching clients, I am absolutely fascinated by its impact and implications on their personal and professional lives. It is such a well-structured approach that can shift individuals from their current state to a desired future state in the most powerful and enduring way.

Amazing – one of my favourite coaching tools!"


Marina Ibrahim

Managing Director

bizz buzz Transcultural Coaching and Training (bizz buzz Ltd)


"An energised and transitional day of self discovery - Thank you!"

Finola McDermott, Dynamic Voices


"A brilliant day - Thank you! I can't wait to get going now and use all I've learnt, both personally and with my clients to make some belief changes!"

Alison Bradford, Alison Bradford Coaching


"Fantastic day Tony and Julie - Thank you! A great tool and processwith many applications for training, coaching and other interventions to help people achieve their potential. Engaging, relaxed, involving and immensely enjoyable!"

Nikki Young, Greenwood Orchid Ltd


"I found the training course really empowering. Thank you"

Karen Lucas, HR Manager, Midland Expressway Limited


"Eye opening. We've been taken through a powerful process. I'm very much looking forward to putting this into practice. Thanks Tony and Julie!"

Suzie Dickinson, Learning and Development Manager, Zenith


"Fantastic opportunity to learn skills that I will transfer into my day-to-day role as a coach"

David Mills, Coach, Zenith





We look forward to meeting you!


Tony Burgess and Julie French


Warmest wishes


Tony and Julie


Tony Burgess and Julie French


Academy of High Achievers Ltd


Feel happy to call us about any aspect of this training:

Tony: +44(0)7989 469 570

Julie: +44(0)7989 991 056




"Having a defined process to enable someone to challenge their inner thoughts is very powerful.

We use the belief change system as part of our process when helping people manage change in their business life. 

A successful and positive conclusion is always gained & this is for the betterment of the individual and the business"

Steve Penson


Alisar Ltd


"I have used the Six Step Belief Change System on myself, other individuals and in team situations.

I particularly endorse the flexibility the system allows in that you can move backwards and forwards – and even sideways! – through the various steps as each situation presents its own challenges.

The benefit of having the system to refer to ensures an holistic approach which smoothes the journey towards the desired change.

The structure also makes it easy for people to revisit any particularly useful and powerful step if they should need to and pick up progress from there.

I wholeheartedly recommend the French-Burgess system as a genuine, powerful, effective and valuable tool for your coaching toolbox."

Ann Davis


Alisar Ltd






"I have used the 6 step belief change process extensively in my one-to-one coaching and have achieved great results with it. 

Just recently I have used it to explore a client’s beliefs about their ability to present confidently in meetings and for another client, on their beliefs about their interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships. 

It really does allow individuals to unlock, often deeply held beliefs about themselves that are getting in the way of the results they want.  The final steps ensure the shifts are sustained over time and put into action.  It is a highly effective, robust framework for personal development"

Sarah Armitage


Work Vitality Ltd



"THANK YOU ...I am so grateful to you Tony and Julie. You are without doubt genius collaborators!"

Michael James Rochester, NowThrive


"Thank you Tony and Julie for providing such a wonderful environment in which to learn. The content of the course was superb and the opportunity to practice in the break-out sessions is a really valuable way of learning. For me the course was genuinely transformational and I look forward to sharing this amazing process with my clients. The way in which you interact with the group is fantastic - helping to get the best out of people in a friendly and supportive way. I look forward to joining you again soon for further learning."

Chris Sutcliffe, Hypnotherapist at Transformational Hypnosis


"Great day! Thank you!"

Jane Blackburn




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