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Coaching and Mentoring for Coaches, Trainers, Presenters and other People Development professionals

Breakthrough Coaching

Give yourself that boost that you deserve to get yourself performing at your best, thinking with clear direction and purpose, accessing your full resourcefulness, earning what you know you are worth and feeling really fulfilled and 'on track'.

One-to-one coaching and mentoring is a brilliant way to experience completely tailored support and development, focused entirely on what you specifically need and what you intend to achieve, whether it be more clarity, more money, more confidence, more resourcefulness, more consistent results with your clients, or a more honed presentation.

We are here for you!

Why do Coaches, Trainers and Presenters come to us for coaching and Mentoring?

Here are a few of the main reasons given:

  • Ready for a personal stretch
  • Want some expert help in preparing to deliver a presentation
  • Just getting started and want to launch effectively
  • Want to fast-track to a new level of performance
  • Need a confidence boost
  • Expanding from coaching into training/presenting or visa versa
  • To ensure continuous personal development
  • Want to keep focused
  • Aware of a need to remove a mental block in an area of performance
  • A need for more clarity of direction
  • Reached a bit of a plateau
  • A need to increase accountability
  • Feeling isolated in the business and need personal creativity to be stimulated by others
  • Getting ready to break away from associate work or employment as a coach or trainer and start to create own client base
  • Challenging personal circumstances


Some people only require short-term coaching and mentoring (eg to have a personal breakthrough) and others choose to keep a regular dose of coaching and mentoring to help keep them thriving.

Julie French, Academy of High Achievers, Coaching Coaches and Trainers

Let's talk!

We will listen to your needs, wants, priorities and preferences and will deliver in a way that suits you perfectly for achieving the outcomes that you choose.

If at this point you already have a sense that one-to-one coaching and mentoring could be the very thing for you, please pick up the phone and make it happen for yourself!


Tony Burgess, Academy of High Achievers Ltd, Coach and Trainer of Trainers and Coaches

To start the ball rolling, call +44 (0)7989 469 570 and speak with Tony in the first instance!


Best wishes

Tony Burgess & Julie French

Academy of High Achievers Ltd







Delivery of coaching and mentoring can be:


By telephone

Via Skype

...or a combination to suit your personal preferences, work commitments, geography and budget



Tony Burgess, Academy of High Achievers Ltd, Coaching Coaches and Trainers

We have helped so many Coaches, Trainers & Presenters to get more of what they want more easily, more quickly, more consistently and more effectively and we know that we can help you too.









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