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Tony Burgess and Julie French

Your conference, meeting or event can be enhanced significantly by the keynote presentations that are on offer from Tony Burgess and Julie French, Directors of Academy of High Achievers (Aha!).

Tony and Julie offer inspiring keynotes with easy-to-apply practical tips that are relevant in all areas of personal and professional achievement.

Tony and Julie can deliver on a wide range of topics to suit the focus and priorities of the event. Below are two of our most popular keynotes (please call us directly +44(0)845 373 4028 to discuss other options in more detail).

We also offer extended workshops if that is the preferred form of delivery for your event!


1) 'How To Get Out of Your Own Way!'

      ( achieve more of the results you want more easily, more

        quickly, more effectively and more consistently!)

Delivered by Tony Burgess and Julie French

The way you think massively affects the degree to which you achieve what you want. Some mental patterns are useful and empowering - they 'smooth the way' to you getting more of what you want more easily, more quickly, more effectively and more consistently.

Julie French

Other mental 'programmes' really 'get in the way' of you attaining the outcomes and experiences that you want in your business and your life.

To help you achieve your goals more easily and effectively, this insightful and interactive keynote will focus on changing your mental processing to fully release your inner resources.

Tony speaking at event in Philippines

Julie and Tony will take you on an ‘inspedition’ to help you to examine your ‘inner map’ and learn techniques to tweak and hone it and harness whatever works to realise your full potential for success.

Tony Burgess


You should book Tony and Julie to deliver this keynote if you believe that members of the audience would benefit from:


...Discovering how tweaks to their thinking can significantly enhance their performance

Tony Burgess and Julie French

...Adding more tools for their own personal growth and development to their success toolbox

...Understanding more about their own ‘mental maps’ and how well these are working for them

 Julie French

...'Modelling' those mental approaches that get consistently better results

...Understanding that success begins on the inside and finding out more about what is going on in there!


...'Getting out of their own way’ and instead start 'smoothing the way' to achieving their desired outcomes more effectively, more easily and more quickly

...Uncovering more of their true potential!



The keynote can be delivered to suit available time and can be extended into a workshop or longer programme if desired




2) 'How To Confidently Handle Office Conflict And Interpersonal Difficulties'

Delivered by Julie French

Julie French

If you have a problem with office conflict, either seeking to avoid it or finding yourself caught up in it more than you would like to say, you are not alone!

The world is full of people who have difficulty handling conflict and are going through life just about coping with it or even worse not coping with it at all. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons why people leave their jobs or change companies and it’s not just costly in terms of time, effort and resources; it can also cause untold angst and emotional pain for everyone involved!

Julie French

In this lively, practical and engaging presentation, Julie French will give you a step by step ‘out of the box’ route map towards enjoying much better relationships at work and at home.


Julie French  


You will discover how to overcome the fear of conflict, how to think and behave like a ‘mediation expert’, and how to turn responses like frustration, anxiety and irritation into calm, confidence and feeling in control!

Julie French

In this lively, practical and engaging presentation, Julie can cover:

· Why most typical responses and reactions to conflict don’t work

· What’s really going on in conflict situations

· Mistakes to avoid when faced with conflict

· The difference between aggressive, submissive and assertive behaviour

· What usually gets in the way of clear, open constructive communication

· How to recognise that conflict is brewing and nip it in the bud!

· How to handle your own emotions first!

· How to overcome the fear of conflict and confrontation

· How to work through disagreements step by step

· Key words and phrases that build connection and co-operation

· What to do if someone gets abusive during an interaction

· How to handle criticism

· How to assertively define and hold your own boundaries

· Active listening and effective questioning skills

Julie French


Again, the keynote can be delivered to suit available time and can be extended into a workshop or longer programme if desired




Tony and Julie's profiles



To book Tony and/or Julie to deliver one of their inspiring keynotes at your meeting, event or conference, call Tony Burgess directly on +44 (0)7989 469 570

Tony Burgess and Julie French



(Also - If you are looking for several high quality speakers for your event(s), our network of professional speakers are highly experienced and offer a wide variety of keynote speeches as well as the option of extended interactive workshops following any keynote delivery).



About Tony Burgess and Julie French as Professional Speakers:


Tony and Julie are the kind of speakers whose presence is felt long after they step off the stage. Their honesty and use of personal stories are put to great use. As a fellow inspirational speaker, I am often looking at the mechanics of how things are done when listening to such presentations. Here though, I was totally engrossed and delighted to be taught new and really effective techniques to use when my own negative voices start shouting!
Tracy Plaice
Inspiration and Motivation via Passion Purpose and a Piano!




Julie came to WiM Heart of England as our guest speaker in March to give a presentation on ‘Conflict Handling’.

The presentation was very enjoyable and informative owing to Julie’s engaging personal style and her refreshing perspective on resolving conflict.

Julie made the content relevant to a wide range of situations relating to both home and work life.

I would recommend Julie to any  group looking for an uplifting presentation on a difficult topic but one that we can all recognise.


Anne Stanton

WiM HOE Event Co-ordinator

024 7650 4454

07890 395106



The session was hugely interesting and more importantly exciting. I found it reawakening a sense of positivity that I'd almost forgotten.

Tamsin Daniel

Group Marketing Manager

Patak's Foods Limited



A real eye-opener! It's amazing how you can change the person you are just by the way you think. Great speakers!

Rachel Sweeney

Sales Promotion and Events Co-Ordinator

Iceland Foods Ltd



Fantastic session!

Shelemur Rahman



Good interaction between the presenters and with the audience. Set people on a platform to start to change the way they think.

M Wynne

Commercial Manager




It will make me reflect on my attitudes and learned behaviours if I have a difficult task at work or I don't think I can do something.

Tracy Wilson


Arla Foods



Thought provoking and informative. Good speakers, knowledgeable of their subject and passionate for the subject

Project Manager




Really great presentation!

Assistant Brand Manager

Northern Foods


I found this truely fascinating! Thank you!

Ninka Hulme

Broadcast Advertising Co-ordinator

Iceland Foods Ltd



I believe it gave me some valuable tools to help me make changes and improvements in my life and career

Stefan Barker

Customer Service and Supply Chain Manager

Dr Oetker (UK) Ltd



I am going to change today

Tanya Gilmore

Business Account Manager

Nestle Nutrition



Extremely insightful. It was really interesting to get such a different perspective on how to look at things and how to manage problems and performance. Loads of ideas that I'll definitely share with colleagues and lots for me to think about when I get back in the office!

Claire Peterson

Category Manager

Arla Foods



Excellent presentation - kept me on the edge of my seat! Good presenting. Very interesting and provided a good toolkit of useful tools I can use straight away. Quick paced. Fascinating and riveting!

Nicoal Hobbs

Skinny Cow Brand Manager

Richmond Icecream



Blown away with the techniques taken away. As a shift manager within a factory I I will be able to use these techniques with difficult situations back at work.

Rob Graham

Shift Manager

Fletchers Bakeries



Enthusiastic presentation with trainers having a clear belief in what they are doing.




Fab! Some really useful tools !Thanks for a great evening!

Helen Snelling

Customer Services Co-ordinator

Nestle UK



Tony and Julie came a long way to the Oxford Yes Group last night and created the best evening the group has experienced. They are deeply knowledgeable and professional in their presentation, but the best thing is how heart warming, open and inclusive, supportive and down-to-earth they are. Rarely do you see a 'double-act' work so well. It was if we were the most important audience they'd ever presented to. The talk was illustrated with clever techniques to apply and remember the message all the way through and ended on an unusual and change-making challenge (I won't say what to keep it a surprise for future audiences!). Lovely people. I'm wracking my brain to work out the best way to work together with them again.

Ayd Instone

Professional Speaker




Enjoyable and very, very useful. It was great for me to be in a space where I could really challenge my beliefs in a supportive atmosphere.

A really productive evening - first class! If you've been making mountains out of molehills, pick up the phone and call Julie and Tony!

Jeremy Renals, Chair,

Oxford Yes Group



I left a day of hecticness at the office and now feel more able to deal with the day to day. Very strange how I can leave feeling less tired than when I arrived. I wish the rest of my team were here to share the experience. Many thanks!

Liz Cowsill

Category Manager

Arla Foods






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