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Havening Techniques® training across the globe

Since 2014, Tony has been privileged to have been involved in delivery of Havening training in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, USA and across the UK.

It's really going global!

More info:



We've continued to regularly deliver DiSC Certification training

All new training dates are published here:




'Pink Bucket Thinking' book available on Amazon:

More information about Pink Bucket Thinking (by Tony Burgess and Julie French)


Havening Techniques® training in USA:

Tony was delighted to be on the training team for this New York training event on October 25th and 26th 2014 alongside Dr Ron Ruden, Louise Carmi, Adam Van, Irene Hajisava and Dr Steven Ruden, plus a fabulous group of facilitators.

He will also be part of the international training team in Los Angeles in October 2015 - See for details



Well done to all who took part in Havening Techniques® trainings in 2014 and 2015 with Tony and team in the UK and abroad.

Next courses



Congratulations to new 'Belief Change Practitioners' - May 15th 2014

Congratulations to Tracey Nixon, Alison Bradford, Maria McDermott, Yvette Puliga, Nikki Young, Finola McDermott, Michael J Rochester and Gayle Edwards in becoming approved Belief Change Practitioners. A lovely group!

Already taking bookings for our 2015 course (3rd Feb 2015). Details



Approved Havening Techniques® trainings now available

Led by Tony Burgess - Certified Havening Techniques trainer

Details and bookings


Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team - Academy of High Achievers Ltd becomes an Authorized Partner - May 2014

Call Julie French on +44(0)7989 991 056 to discuss how you can access 'The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team' team profiles to use in your team development work.



Havening Techniques training in May 2014 in London:

Tony is proud to be involved in helping to share this truly remarkable methodology called 'Havening Techniques'.

See for more details of this wonderful set of techniques

Train to become a Havening Techniques™ Practitioner


February 2014:

Congratulations to Debbie, Gareth, Rebecca, Sue and Cleo for successfully completing your NLP Practitioner training with us and welcome to the Aha! Family. We will support you on an ongoing basis!


Launched: Havening Techniques™

Academy of High Achievers Director, Tony Burgess, integrated Havening Techniques™ into his people development toolbox in September 2012 (when there were no courses yet on offer), based on the methodology shared in the book 'When the past is always present' wirtten by the originator of the methods, Dr Ron Ruden. This is a truly revolutionary approach to permanently removing the effects of trauma and for removing specific phobias (and much much more!).

Tony was delighted with results he was getting right from the start - rapid and complete solutions leading to permanent change. He was even more delighted when the world's first training programme was run in London in May 2013. He attended this event and realised that things had been refined considerably since the book had been written and that areas of application had considerably increased.

Havening combines really well with NLP and other change tools. It should be in the toolbox of every Coach and Therapist the world over!

Havening is a neuroscience-based approach and targets AMPA receptors in the Amygdala through Delta Wave production in the brain. This impressive methodology has been developed over the last decade by an amazing American Medical Doctor and Neuroscientist (Dr Ron Ruden - see ). Tony is convinced that this is going to be THE method of choice in the future for treating trauma and specific phobias (in particular) with great results already demonstrated in many other areas, from treating chronic pain through to helping people to embed affirmations.

Tony has since been involved in Havening training programmes in New York (October 2013) and UK-based training events and was one of the very first to become certified as a Havening Techniques Practitioner.

Watch this space - you'll be hearing and seeing a lot more of Havening Techniques over the coming months and years!

Tony is so impressed with Havening that it has now become the main tool used by him (in combination with other approaches) in his therapeutic work when treating trauma:


June 2013: Congratulations to new NLP Practitioners!

Congratulations Sally, Marisa, Louise and Annie!

And welcome to our treasured 'Aha! Family'



Congratulations to Debbie, Adam, Bernadette, Lindsay, Caroline, Sally, Melaney, and Cindy for becoming certified as approved Belief Change Practitioners - 26th Feb 2013. Next dates



New 2013 dates for DiSC® Training in 2013:







DiSC training (January 2013):

Another lovely group of professionals add DiSC® to their success tools!




Tony donates his kidney to a stranger - Christmas 2012

Director, Tony Burgess, after a year of planning, scans and medical checks had an operation to donate his left kidney on 21st December 2012. Just in time for it to be an early Christmas present for the recipient (a 55 year old man is all we know). Tony was discharged from hospital at 6pm on Christmas Eve and is recovering well and we have been told that the recipient had a successful transplant operation, is out of hospital and already experiencing health benefits from having the new kidney.


'World of Learning' Exhibition 2012 (NEC, Birmingham, UK)

Julie, Tony and Sarah were at World of Learning for the 3rd year in a row, as a UK delivery partner of Inscape Global Partners (DiSC).

We had some great quality connections and conversations during the 2 days (2nd & 3rd October) and we are looking forward to continuing to build relationships that began at World of Learning. Massive thanks also to Yvonne and Sabrina who came from Inscape HQ in Copenhagen to support us at the stand!


NLP Practitioner training (September 2012):

We had a wonderful week teaching a fabulous group of people who are now fully qualified NLP Practitioners and members of our treasured Aha! Family.

Congratulations to Paul, Leone, Jennifer, Eve, Ian and Nancy!



Trigger Smiles - Our online 'Kindness' Forum now on Facebook!

Profile picture

You can 'Like' here


June 2012 - We are so pleased to announce that our colleague, Sarah Armitage, has just been awarded Inscape's DiSC® International Trainer of the Year (for 2011) in a very close competition!

Well done Sarah - we have always known what a STAR you are!



April - Sept 2012 - Another wave of qualified DiSC trainers are ready to make a difference with their new tools! Well done all and welcome to the Aha! Family.






March 2012 - NLP Master Practitioner Course

Jenna and Scout (Harris Hawks) are guest 'co-trainers' on the Master Practitioner training, offering plenty of NLP lessons for participants, Dean and Raaj.



March 2012 - More NLP Practitioners qualified!!

Well done to all! Enjoy weaving your magic!



December 2011 - Book Launch!

Beliefs and How to Change Them - Book Cover Image

It has been selling well and we have had such great feedback!

You can purchase a copy here



December 2011 - 'Belief Change Practitioner' training is launched as a 1-day stand alone course (it was previously only included within our NLP Practitioner training)

French-Burgess Belief Gates model




December 2011 & January 2012 - More DiSC Certified trainers qualified!

Go make a difference out there!

We are looking forward to supporting you all on an ongoing basis!




November 2011 - Tony Burgess hits the 'big 40' and celebrates it swimming with dolphins in Mauritius with Julie and some wonderful friends! Here's to the next 40 (+), after all, he's just getting started!




30th September 2011 - Charity Firewalk for Barrow-in-Furness Rotary group

Firewalking Sept 2011

We had wonderful weather for the time of year (and the location) and with just 9 people in the group doing the firewalk, it was a tremendous fundraising effort from everyone - They raised over £4500 for charities!

Firewalk 30th Sept 2011

Well done to everyone!


September 2011 - World of Learning Exhibition (NEC):

The Team at World of Learning

Inscape DiSC was being promoted well at World of learning 2011.

There was a real buzz at our stand throughout!

We had the full support of the Inscape Global Partners team from HQ in Copenhagen - Sabrina (far left), Ulla (2nd left) and Yvonne (far right) all made the trip to the UK to support us (as UK partners) at the exhibition!

Julie (front) and Sarah (2nd right) did a sterling job connecting (despite Julie having her arm in plaster after a rather over-ethusiastic journey down stairs!).

Tony was there too and didn't make it into the photo as he had to leave early.

A great event which saw the launch of the new 'Work of Leaders' profile in the Everything DiSC range of solutions!

We are so proud to be associated with Inscape and to be UK partners with this global company. The profiles and associated solutions they have developed are so great and our customers are really loving the results they are getting!

Onwards and upwards!


March to July 2011 NLP Master Practitioner Training:

NLP Master Practitioner group 2011 - Training delivered by Academy of High Achievers Ltd

Another fabulous group this year!

Mandy, Sue, Ian, Anne, and Dave

We design the course for the specific participants, so every year the programme is different!

Developing Sensory Acuity on NLP Master Practitioner training delivered by Academy of High Achievers Ltd

This (above) was a task to develop and test Kinaesthetic sensory acuity!

Spookily accurate with a little bit of practise!


Random Acts of Kindness challenge as part of NLP Master Practitioner training delivered by Academy of High Achievers Ltd

The group used their rapport and influencing skills (plus free hugs) to attract people in Birmingham to sign up to carry out Random Acts of Kindness.

Sue is really looking the part in the photo above - It was a very moving and memorable experience for all!

231 people signed up to carry out Random Acts of Kindness in just an hour and a half!


NLP Master Practitioner - turning phobias to confidence - training delivered by Academy of High Achievers Ltd

Mandy took the opportunity to use NLP techniques to exchange her old fear of snakes for a confidence response instead! Nice one!


Winners of NLP 'sleight of mouth' challenge 2011

And the winners of the 'Sleight of Mouth' competition 2011 are...

Ian and Sue  :-)


Final presentation for NLP Master Practitioner training 2011

Question and answer session (above) to wrap up the group's NLP seminar, delivered to an invited audience as part of their final assessment. A job very well done!!


NLP Master Practitioner 2011 - Trained by Tony Burgess and Julie French of Academy of High Achievers Ltd

Congratulations are in order - Fully qualified NLP Master Practitioners ready to weave their advanced magic! (from left to right: Ian Nicklin, NLP trainer Julie French, Sue Hatfield , Mandy Hildred and Dave Austin). Due to illness, Anne was unable to complete the course this year and we are looking forward to welcoming her onto the 2012 course once she is fully recovered!


June 2011 - NLP Practitioner traning in France:

Julie French and a new wave of NLP Practitioners trained by Academy of High Achievers Ltd

An amazing week with an amazing group of people! It is a delight to welcome Mal, Debbie, Dawn & Kevin into our treasured 'Aha! Family'.


May & June 2011 - More qualified NLP Practitioners go out into the world to weave their magic:

Tony Burgess and NLP Practitioners that trained with Academy of High Achievers Ltd

Congratulations to Grace, Jenny, Cath and Eamonn - wonderful people making a fabulous difference in the world!



January to March 2011 - More Diamonds shining bright!

NLP Practitioner March 2011

Well done to Ajai, Jenny, Lis, Doug, John, Marina, Pauline and Raaj for qualifying as NLP Practitioners at the beginning of March.

The 'Aha! Family' continues to grow!


November 2010 - 'Unearthing Diamonds' NLP Practitioner Training in Glastonbury:

NLP Practitioners - November 2010 - Glastonbury

Well done to (from left to right, front row) Sue, Lindsay, Alex, Val, Elly and Darren for successfully qualifying as NLP Practitioners!

We are delighted to welcome these wonderful change-facilitators into the 'Aha! Family'

Glastonbury Tor (NLP Practitioner Training with Academy of High Achievers)  Glastonbury Tor

Our early morning walk to Glastonbury Tor was one of the ways we enjoyed a great start to a day stacked full of magic!

Now we're looking ahead to more Practitioner programmes in 2011. Will you join us?



Our Firewalk event raises £3000 for Cancer Research UK - December 2010:

Firewalk in Staffordshire

We thoroughly enjoyed running another Firewalk event to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. There were 11 brave Firewalkers on the evening of 4th December at Barlaston Garden Centre in North Staffs. Two 11 year old girls (Jessica and Keeleigh) and a 16 year old boy (George) were amongst the group that were stepping out of their comfort zones in order to raise money for the charity.

All went well and everyone enjoyed the challenge!

The total amount handed over to the charity on the night was £3000

Well done everyone!



September 2010 - 'Unearthing Diamonds' NLP Practitioner - France

Class of Sept 2010 France NLP practitioner

Another amazing group of Coaches take their enhanced skills out into the world to help spread some magic!

Left to right: Martin Dixon, Steve Halls, Susan Cortese, Tony Burgess, Jane Breeze, Julie French, Kay Kirkby, Angela Smyth, John O'Flynn

A wonderful week of training with awesome people in a beautiful environment!

Tony and Julie

Wow - We love our work! Here is a magical early morning moment where we are fully appreciating all that we have created and attracted into our lives! Thanks to Martin for capturing it on camera!

Our next Practitioner will be another 7-day residential in Glastonbury in November 2010 - will you join us?


"Mapp by name, Mind Mapping by expertise!"

- Special Guest Trainer, Barry Mapp shows us how to get more efficient as Trainers and Coaches

Barry Mapp  Mind Map by Barry Mapp

We were proud to welcome Barry Mapp as a Special Guest Trainer on 2nd September 2010, when he delivered a one-day Mind Mapping masterclass in Stafford (UK), designed especially with Trainers and Coaches in mind.

We (Julie and Tony) were delegates on this programme ourselves, along with a delightful group of people who all benefited significantly from this unique training.

Thanks Barry!!



August 2010

World Class Series of Masterclasses

August saw another successful 'World Class Sales' Masterclass delivered for a group of Trainers and Coaches.

We really enjoyed working with the group and look forward to offering this Masterclass as an 'open' programme again in the future.



July 2010: NLP 'Brush Up Your Skills' day for members of our treasured 'Aha! Family'

Members of our treasured Aha! Family

We were pleased to be able to help NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners within our treasured 'Aha! Family' to brush up on their NLP Skills in July. A great day was had by all and plenty of magic weaved!



July 2010:

EVERYTHING DiSC® 363™ for Leaders is now available !

Here's some really exciting, important and ‘hot off the press’ news!

Inscape Publishing 363 for Leaders


We are very pleased to announce that Inscape Publishing (we are a global partner with Inscape) have now launched the World's first DiSC®-based 360 degree tool for Leaders!


The Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders combines the best of 360 degree feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC®. Plus, participants receive three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness so it is highly practical and effective tool. Everything DiSC 363™ for Leaders is meant for anyone who wants to use 360° feedback as part of their leadership development, whether they’re an emerging leader or an experienced executive.



July 2010 - Another wave of newly qualified NLP Practitioners!

June July 2010 NLP practitioner course

Across June and July 2010, we ran a non-residential version of our NLP Practitioner course 'Unearthing Diamonds' in Stafford. And diamonds were certainly unearthed! A great team of delegates and we know that amazing good will be done out there in the world as a result of them filling their NLP toolboxes! The 'Aha! Family' is growing!



June 2010 - Business in the Baltics? Exploratory visit:

Our man in Lithuania - Kestas

In June (2010) Tony and Julie visited Lithuania and Latvia in the Baltics on an exploratory trip to check out training opportunities out there in partnership with 'Cormack Consultancy Baltic'.

We met with a number of Training and Coaching Companies and formed some potentially useful connections to explore further.

Time will tell what opportunities we manage to create in the Baltics and we were delighted to visit this beautiful part of the world that was previously unknown to either of us.

Pictured above is Tony (left) with Kestas - 'our man in Lithuania'!

Exciting times ahead!



Book NLP Practitioner training with us and get FREE 1-day DiSC® Coaching Certification

DiSC symbol

In May 2010 we decided to add even more value for those who commit to train with us at NLP Practitioner level - we are giving away a huge bonus certification training for FREE. All participants on our NLP Practitioner training from June 2010 onwards will be able to access our one day Everything DiSC® Coaching Certification totally FREE of charge.


An Evening of Glass Walking & Personal Empowerment (May 2010)

Glass walking

On the evening of Thursday 27th May 2010, Academy Directors Tony and Julie led a workshop designed for personal empowerment - culminating in an opportunity for all participants to take the extreme challenge of walking on broken glass barefoot.

A powerful metaphor for personal and professional achievement, Glass Walking is an activity that serves to enlighten people to the fact that that they can achieve so much more than appears to be possible.

The evening was stacked with insights and 'Aha!' moments and provided an excellent opportunity for people to learn more about the way their mind works and how to take control over unhelpful states and responses such as doubt and anxiety.

A great evening all round!


Book Midwife® as Guest Trainer (May 2010)

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

We were delighted to welcome Book Midwife®, Mindy Gibbins-Klein to the Midlands as a special guest trainer to deliver a full-day Masterclass called 'Get Published' on 4th May 2010.

The attendees lapped up the wisdom that Mindy shared and there were plenty of evolving ideas that will help all that attended go from their initial book idea to getting published in a way that best suits their intended outcomes for becoming an author.

Thanks Mindy!


April 2010 - New Forum started - 'Random Acts of Kindness'

Tony Burgess as shown on Random Acts of Kindness forum

On April 7th (2010), Tony set up a new online forum with info, links to film clips and opportunities to share stories and ideas about Random Acts of Kindness.

This topic is an increasingly mainstream one - Richard Madeley, standing in for Simon Mayo made it a week-long feature on his BBC Radio 2 show this month too!

To register for free to be one of the first to join the forum, please click here

Together we can make a massive difference with small acts day by day!



March 2010 - More NLP Practitioners go out into the world!

NLP Practitioners Jan-March 2010

The beginning of March 2010 saw another wonderful group of NLP Practitioners qualified and heading out into the world with their NLP toolboxes stacked full of magic!

Well done to everyone!


Fire walk event raises funds for Cancer Research UK

Firewalking Experiences

On Saturday Feb 27th 2010 in Staffordshire, UK a small group of courageous fundraisers walked on hot coals at a Staffordshire venue to raise cash for Cancer Research UK.

We really enjoyed running this event because it attracted some great people and raised over £2200 in one night for the charity.

And our youngest firewalker to date - 6 year old Toby Price - walked with his Dad, Craig (see photo below). Just before he walked he said out loud 'I can do it' then holding his Dad's hand he walked across the coals. He was delighted and walked a second time. It was very inspiring for all who were there!

Well done Toby!

He will certainly have a good story to tell at school!

Toby Price aged 6 walks the hot coals with Dad Craig

(Unfortunately, as is often the case when photographing Firewalks, the flash from the camera wiped out most of the 'glow' from the coals in the photograph - and believe me, those coals were definitely glowing and it was certainly hot!)

Well done everyone!!!

If you would like use to run a Firewalk event for your group or charity, feel happy to call Tony Burgess directly on +44(0)7989 469 570


Unearthing more Diamonds!

NLP Practitioner training in France, September 2009

Our environment for training in France

This is the first time we have used this gem of a location in France for our NLP training - Le-Mas-de-la-Source in the Ardeche region of France


Our environment for training in France

Our various outdoor 'classrooms' provided a delightful environment for learning


Our environment for training in France

We had the whole site available for our exclusive use

evening meal together in France

And we had fabulous meals together to keep us nourished throughout the programme

Our environment for training in France

There was plenty of fun and laughter throughout the learning experience, as usual

Group photo

An early morning 'sunrise' walk up a nearby hillside was a really nice way to start off the day with a burst of energy and plenty of enthusiasm for more learning.

Our environment for training in France

The grounds provided a wide range of perfect places to do 'break out' work

Erica and Martin weaving magic

Each of the delegates really engaged in the programme 100% throughout the week and their skills 'sky-rocketed' as a result

France 2009 training - lovely location to weave magic

Regular sessions of 'tag coaching' provided important opportunities for practise and gaining quality feedback

Nicky and Sarah

Skills developed rapidly and the level at which the delegates were 'living' NLP  by the end of the week was a credit to them and to the effectiveness of this well-honed programme

Erica and Marie

Each of the delegates arrived with their own unique set of qualities, experiences and competencies and each of them blended in their new NLP skills which will immediately enhance and support their personal and professional effectiveness in their day-to-day roles in life

Working in the wonderful grounds

Every single opportunity to learn and to practise was soaked up by the wonderful team of trainee NLP magic weavers

Practitioners Sept 09

Another five NLP Practitioners gain their NLP Practitioner certification with us and join the Aha! family for ongoing friendship and support. We have found it an absolute privilege to work with them and to play a part in their development. We know that the 'ripple effects' that will come from these wonderful people applying what they have learned will mean that the magic will spread far and wide!

Training by the pool

We will certainly be using this outstanding venue in France again - We have already agreed dates for September 2010. Please do call Tony on +44 (0)7989 469 570 if you want to join the next programme that we run out there!



NLP - FREE ongoing support  - 'NLP skills brush-up' day (July 2009)

Aha! family members on skills brush-up day

Here are some delightful members of our extended 'Aha! family' who took good advantage of our free 'NLP skills brush-up' day - part of our commitment to providing free ongoing support for all who invest in our training. What a fabulous day!


NLP Practitioner (Residential in Glastonbury - June 2009)

Ian and Julie NLP Practitioners June 2009 

Practitioners Julie and Ian enjoy the wonderful opportunity to develop their NLP skills in the great outdoors (we had lovely weather!)

Steve's massage parlour!!!

Neil takes full advantage of Steve's 'massage parlour'

Winner of this late night NLP musical chairs competition

Julie Barker was this year's winner of the late night 'NLP musical chairs' championship and she proudly displays her medal of honour!

team effort bulding the fire

The most well constructed fire that we have ever had on an NLP Practitioner course! Teamwork works!

Steve volunteered to keep an eye on things - any excuse to play his guitar!

Steve offered to keep an eye on things (any excuse to play his guitar some more!)


Outdoor environment for learning - Glastonbury June 09

Last day reflections (with Glastonbury Tor in the background)

Certification time!

More NLP magic weavers qualify as Practitioners!

Crazy group!

Crazy - the lot of them!


NLP Master Practitioner 2009 continues!

Fiona Whytehead - Your mission should you choose to take it...   Dave Turner - Your mission, should you choose to take it...

Surprise!!! At a few moments notice, we sprung a mission on our wonderful Master Practitioner delegates - to deliver NLP-based coaching to some of our local business contacts at their premises. Here Fiona gets ready to meet a member of the Barclays Bank team. Dave is ready to go in to work with Alison, who runs a local florist business. The other delegates were at other locations getting ready to weave their magic with other local business people. Well done to all - the feedback was great!

Nice to be outside!  Nice to be outside!

The sunny weather has meant that the training and break-out sessions could spill outside! Lovely!

NLP hike - The garden of determination

Out and about on another NLP adventure! Here, what was fomerly a pub beer garden transforms into 'the garden of determination' and will remain so forever more as Fiona demonstrates her learning by leading a group 'Anchoring' exercise.

Modelling self-made millionaire Mo Chaudery

The team were delighted to be presented with an opportunity to use their NLP questionning skills and sensory acuity to get inside the mind of self-made millionaire and owner of 'Waterworld' Mo Chaudry. Mo has previously appeared on the popular TV programme 'Secret Millionaire'.


A big 'thank you' to Mo for a fascinating opportunity for our team of delegates to capture 'the difference that makes a difference'. And well done everyone for a really good job!


Our DiSC® 'Train the Trainer' delivery team raring to go!

Aha! DiSC training team

Karl (left) and Yvonne (back row 2nd from right) take the trip from Denmark to the UK to help ensure that our DiSC® 'Train the trainer' team are fully prepared and raring to go! We are proud to welcome Fiona, Jane, Sarah, Sarah and Bernadette to the Aha! delivery team.


Master Practitioner 2009 (Day 3) - 'Ditch your Phobias':

Gareth Emberton

One of our NLP Master Practitioner delegates, Gareth, had mentioned on day one of the training that he had been doing 'terrified' about snakes for as many years has he could remember. On day three the training was to be focused on 'ditching phobias' and so Tony demonstrated with Gareth that very quickly we can use NLP to facilitate a positive change - swapping the 'phobia' for confidence and calm. Gareth was soon happily holding 'Khan' - a 4 foot long corn snake - as shown in the photo. He was stunned that the change could be so fast!

Then 15 minutes after the above photo was taken, we cranked up the challenge!

We arranged for Gareth to flexibly apply the NLP tools and techniques to help a surprise visitor who had also been experiencing extreme phobic responses to snakes for many years. Paula had been experiencing extreme anxiety relating to snakes for much of her lifetime and just over an hour after we introduced her to Gareth she was also happily holding 'Khan', delighted that she had finally ditched her phobia and proved that she had accessed her confidence around snakes (see photo below). This is powerful and lasting stuff! Well done to Gareth, Paula and 'Khan'.

Paula ditches her phobia

Our other trainee Master Practitioners also weaved some magic by helping surprise visitors to permanently drop their 'spider phobias'. Steve Halls (NLP Master practitioner and our wonderful fitness trainer) meanwhile was permanently removing someone's fear of heights. Well done all - you made a real difference!


Yet more delightful NLP Practitioners go out into the world fully 'tooled up' and ready to make a difference out there!

(Stafford non-residential - January to March 09)

NLP Practitioners March 2009



Tony presents in the Philippines (Jan 09)

Tony Speaking in Philippines

Tony's first trip to Asia and what a warm welcome from the people of the Philippines!

(Julie was enjoying a skiing trip in Italy at the time).

Tony Speaking in Philippines

What great audiences! So receptive and ready to learn and apply all that was on offer!


Tony met some wonderful people out there and left with treasured memories and many friends (including Reggie in the photo above and Mary in the photo below)


So many warm hearts and genuine smiles! An uplifting place to be!

Friends from Indonesia

Hanging out with fellow professional speaker Brian Biro from the US and some delightful members of a delegation from Indonesia (yet more of the friendships that developed during the visit!)


The Philippines is a place of contrasts - from the hustle and bustle of the city of Manila...


...full of the strangest of public transport vehicles and the most hectic traffic system Tony had ever seen...

Philippines sunset the most delightful sunsets by the sea!

Tony with Brian Biro and Howard and Annie

Howard and Annie were so helpful and friendly - Tony and fellow speaker, Brian Biro got a chance to check out great local eating places where they tried all kinds of new and interesting foods!

Sandy Martinez

And great thanks are extended to an amazing man, Sandy Martinez, who was the guy responsible for inviting Tony over to the Philippines to speak! A most wonderful host and an inspiration in so many ways!

Tony Speaking in Philippines

Tony is looking forward to returning to the Philippines again and again - next time it will be with Julie!



'Unearthing Diamonds' (NLP Practitioner) in Glastonbury (Nov 08)

NLP Practitioners Nov 08

Another wonderful group of NLP Practitioners go out into the world fully qualified and with toolboxes crammed full of change tools!

Steve Halls and Anne Brown play guitar

We had a pretty full-on week of training and there was still time for some evening music provided by fitness trainer Steve Halls and participant (now NLP Practitioner) Anne Brown. Really lovely!

Simon Streeton with Steve Halls

Action Coach, Simon Streeton improved particularly impressively during the early morning fitness sessions (which set us up nicely for the intensive NLP training).

Marie Halls - our chef for the week

One of the very few moments where Marie, our chef for the week managed to secure a well earned short rest.

The wonderful NLP practitioners - Glastonbury Nov 2008

What a great group!!!

How do we manage to attract such wonderful people onto our training and into our lives!

How lucky we are!

From right to left: Simon Streeton, Rebecca Pitt, Max Tubbs, Ian Nicklin, Mark Dyble, Anne Brown - Glastonbury's NLP magic weavers November 2008!



Directors 'Go Naked' for good cause!    (October 08)

Founding Directors of Academy of High Achievers Ltd (Tony Burgess and Julie French) found themselves posing 'starkers' in a photo shoot for a 2009 calendar aimed at raising funds for Cancer Research UK

Tony Burgess and Julie French naked in front of the camera

(This is a small fraction of the photo that appears in the actual calendar)

The setting for the shoot was in one of the couple's training rooms at their base in Derrington.

Tony and Julie are used to setting confidence challenges for delegates on their training programmes - and now it was their turn - by stripping off for the camera!

It ended up being good fun and it was all for a very good cause.

Jane Fox was very professional as official photographer and made it all very easy and relaxed!

The Calendar has been put together by a Staffordshire business networking group - Stone BNI - where 12 businesses have paid to be represented, one for each month of the year.

(These calendars are no longer on sale, due to them being for the year 2009)



'Unearthing Diamonds' in Glastonbury (June 2008 NLP Practitioner training):

NLP Superteam 2008

Another six NLP magic-weavers proudly showing off their Practitioner certificates. Glastonbury Torr is visible in the background.

Working in Glastonbury

We had lovely weather for much of the week which meant we could spill outside into the delightful environment around our training room in 'break-out' exercises.

More sunshine for working  Mandy and Graeme

Here Andy and Karen (left) and Mandy and Graeme (right) are concentrating hard in the sunshine.

Glastonbury Torr Sunrise on Glastonbury Torr

Tuesday's sunrise on Glastonbury Torr provided us all with a great start to a day of learning.

Steve Halls    Tai Chi on the Torr

Steve (one of our resident fitness trainers - left) even played his guitar for us at the top! And then Richie (our other fitness trainer and chef for the week) showed us some great Tai Chi moves to welcome in the day!

Late night NLP charades

Our late night NLP games began to get a little bit whacky! What creative thinkers! (That's the politest way of putting it)

Donald accepts his winners cup graciously

Donald accepts his winner's cup graciously!

Team work  Support for each other

Team work and mutual support was very much evident and encouraged during the week!

Fire  Amy Firewalks

Thursday evening's firewalk provided an opportunity to step out of comfort zone and even the venue owner's 13 year old daughter, Amy, decided to join in! Well done Amy (and everyone!)

Tony and Julie  Tony Burgess and Julie French

We will be back in Glastonbury again for more residential NLP Practitioner training experiences - will you join us?

Click here for info about future programmes in Glastonbury and elsewhere


'Unearthing Diamonds' in Staffordshire - Non-residential NLP Practitioner programmes 2008:

Unearthing Diamonds - NLP Practitioner Training Jan and Feb 2008


Another wonderful group qualify as NLP Practitioners in Feb 2008 and are eager to get out into the world to apply their new skills to help make a real positive difference in people's lives.

Unearthing Diamonds - NLP Practitioner Training Jan and Feb 2008      


Great fun was had by all - every one of them as mad as a fish!


Unearthing Diamonds - NLP Practitioner Programme April and May 2008


And another group proudly qualify in May 2008 - Dave Turner loved the Jan/Feb programme so much that he came back for more in April/May - a real asset to the group and a shining star as a practitioner.

Unearthing Diamonds - NLP Practitioner Training April and May 2008

You don't have to be 'off your trolley' to work with us - but it helps!

Well done to you all and enjoy weaving your magic out there!


NLP Master Practitioner Training 2008:

Dobbies Garden Centre


What on earth has 'Dobbies' garden centre got to offer a group of NLP Master Practitioner trainees on Day 1 of their training?

Unknown to them and to the staff and customers at the garden centre, the challenges were about to begin! I think this day will be talked about and remembered for a very long time!

Tony Altham Julie Bryan

Trainee Master Practitioner Tony Altham used to have an extreme fear response when in the presence of worms. Only moments after using his NLP techniques to change his own fear into confidence we offered him the opportunity to work with surprise visitor Julie Bryan to permanently transform her 'worm phobia' into 'worm confidence' too. What a result! Well done Julie for being willing to come along to face that old fear and well done Tony for stepping up to the challenge and making it happen so beautifully.

Carmen MacDougal Alex Hewitt Jenny Green - superhero

Trainee Master Practitioners Carmen (left) and Alex (middle) helped surprise visitor Jenny Green to face her old phobia of heights and to abseil and rock climb with confidence. Well done all!

Christine and Sue

We have had some wonderful opportunities to work outside on this year's programme. Here Christine and Sue enjoy the sunshine as they master their skills.

Alex and Jane

Alex supports Jane as she accesses her inner resources to snap an archery arrow on her throat! She does it with ease and reinforces her knowledge that she can do anything she turns her attention to because she knows how to 'get out of her own way'. Well done both.

Tony and Jane  NLP Master Practitioner Group 2008

This is one of those courses where friendships for life begin to form. A 'family' of support that continues way beyond the end of the programme.

Alex and Sarah Christine and Sue

Testing out their sensory acuity skills the trainee Master Practitioners found some spooky results in the Staffordshire countryside.

Winners of this year's NLP olympics

Winners of this year's 'NLP Olympics' with Tony and Julie

Tony Altham  Capturing and testing the difference that makes a difference

Master Practitioner delegates test mental strategies for physical achievement (with the help of our fitness instructor Steve Halls) as part of an afternoon of capturing 'the difference that makes a difference' and 'modelling excellence'.

Christine takes a break in the sun

Christine takes a well-earned short break in the sunshine before the next challenge!

Plenty of outstanding experiences already on this programme and we still have two days left for more magic!

And places for our 2009 Master Practitioner programme are already being booked.


Unearthing Diamonds in Glastonbury (December 2007 NLP Practitioner training):

Glastonbury 2007

A wonderful location for learning!

NLP Glastonbury 2007

Magic everywhere!

Glastonbury NLP training 2007  Glastonbury NLP training 2007

An early morning pre-sunrise walk to the top of Glastonbury Tor gets the blood pumping and everyone's grey matter energised for another great day of soaking up new learning. Steve Halls, our resident fitness instructor provides the early morning music!

Glastonbury NLP training 2007  Glastonbury 2007

Tom puts his old anxiety of spiders well and truly in the past, using his new skills!

Glastonbury 2007

Wow - what a day of learning! Our youngest NLP practitioner to date, Alex Hewitt (age 17 when he qualified), takes a short break before dinner!

Glastonbury Alex hewitt

What an exceptional young man!

Glastonbury 2007

A great team effort building the fire!

Glastonbury 2007

What do you mean 'We'll be walking on that later?!'

Glastonbury 2007

Chris soaks up Steve's applause for a top performance on the fitness challenges throughout the week!

NLP glastonbury 2007

Tom and Julie know that an abundance of fun around the place makes learning so much easier!

Glastonbury 2007  Glastonbury 2007 Marie Halls Glastonbury 2007

Marie nourished our bodies with excellent food whilst we nourished our minds with the training!

NLP Glastonbury 2007

All well qualified and ready to make a difference!

NLP Glastonbury 2007

Also all totally bonkers!

Glastonbury 2007

Trainers Tony and Julie agreed that they will definitely be using this special venue again for more training in the future!

(See our Links page for details of this highly recommended venue)

A fantastic week and a wonderful group of newly qualified NLP Practitioners have gone out into the world to weave their magic! How fulfilling our work is!



Peru Trek 2007 - The Ultimate Netwalk (June 2007):

Peru Trek 2007

What an incredible trip - 15 intrepid networkers with a sense of adventure trekking in the Peruvian Andes

School Project Peru

It started with a community project in the mountains - helping locals to begin to build an extension to a community school.

Grass collection

Long grass needed to be collected from high on the mountain and carried back down to the school ready to mix with mud to make bricks.

Andy making clay brick

Trekker Andy Fairweather moulds a grass and mud brick.

Window intsallation

Mark Dickinson (above) installs windows by trade back in the UK - a skill that turned out to be priceless when applied to the school project in Peru. Glenn Watkins (CEO of Ecademy - see below) turned his hand to this very worthwhile activity too!

Glenn Watkins CEO of Ecademy glazing a Peruvian school


Books given to school children

It was a joy to see the wonderful smiles of appreciation on the faces of the school children as we handed out exercise books and pens.

Peru 2007


Peru 2007


And then we were trekking...





Peru Trek 2007

...and up...

Aha team

...and up some more! And it was certainly worth it!

Here is the Aha! team enjoying the awesome view before heading downhill again.

Glenn Watkins tied to train line

It's not every day we get a chance to tie the CEO of Ecademy to a trainline!

Machu Picchu

The Inca City at Machu Picchu - WOW - breathtaking!

Julie at Machu Picchu

For Director Julie French, this was a truly inspiring place to be!

Machu Picchu

Providing memories enough to last for a lifetime!

Peru Trek 2007

What a finale!

Lima 2007

And then winding down gently at the end of the trek, back in civilisation in Lima - friendships established for life.

Group Photo in Lima

In 2008 our next adventures will be in Gambia (Feb) and Bhutan (October / November)

Contact us to register an interest in future adventures


NLP Practitioner training - 'Unearthing Diamonds' - April 2007

Spain 2007 

What an outstanding group - it was a true privilege to work with such lovely people, who were so willing to get stuck into the learning.

Spain 2007

How fabulous to be able to extend our classroom onto the beach!


Spain 2007

And what a great view from our hotel training room!

Spain 2007

Early morning 'opt in' fitness sessions with Steve were very popular.


Spain 2007

Magic was weaved everywhere we all went!

Spain 2007

Meal times were a delight - a time to reflect and share breakthroughs.

Spain 2007

Our fitness instructor, Steve, working hard - shame!

Spain 2007

Andy gets ready to apply his new inner skills to experience an unusual breakthrough - snapping an archery arrow on his throat!

Spain 2007

Easy when you commit to it 100% - Just like life, really!

Spain 2007 NLP Practitioner training

It's so wonderful to welcome new friends into the 'Aha! family'

Practitioners April 2007

Happy faces and everyone clutching their certificates - fully qualified NLP Practitioners, ready to unleash further magic!

Spain 2007

Julie says 'We'll be back!'

Contact us for details of our next 'Unearthing Diamonds' NLP Practitioner training programme



NLP Master Practitioner Training 2007:

Neil Hewitt with Snake

One of our current NLP Master Practitioner delegates, Neil Hewitt, took the final test to prove that he had indeed put his old phobia of snakes well and truly in the past.

Neil said: "I had been carrying around a snake phobia for some 47 years. On my NLP course, I spent some 15 minutes with another delegate who worked with me on that phobia (using the swish pattern technique). The following weekend I was handling a 4ft long corn snake. Prior to this I had trouble picking up a newspaper if there was a picture of a snake inside it. This really demonstrated to me just how powerful NLP can be."

Neil Hewitt with snake

Well done Neil !

Neil was soon applying the same principles on our Master Practitioner training programme to help local business woman Bev Austin put her phobia of spiders into the past:

Neil helps Bev put her fear of spiders in the past

Bev meeting her new spider friend

Well done to Bev for taking the step that allowed her to experience her breakthrough (ie turning up to the session)! Well done to Neil as the expert facilitator!

Peter Connolly

Peter Connolly (above) also permanently removed his spider phobia on the day, working with Sarah Armitage (another of our trainee Master Practitioners). Both Neil and Sarah (trainee Master Practitioners) had spider phobias themselves before they began training with us, so it is particularly rewarding for them to be helping people like Bev and Peter to be empowered in this way.

Peter Connolly Spider Tamer

Well done to Peter for taking the opportunity to work with Sarah!

Peter Connolly Spider Tamer

And well done to Sarah for her expert facilitation!

Chris connolly and Ian Kinnery

Chris Connolly (above, standing with trainee NLP Master Practitioner, Ian Kinnery) used to feel terrified at the mere thought of climbing up a ladder, due to a long-held intense phobia of heights.

Chris Connolly overcomes her old fear of heights

After Ian worked with Chris for just one short NLP-based coaching session, she quickly overcame her fear of climbing ladders and here she is (above) completing a two hour 'aerial extreme' high ropes course (just to make sure!).

Well done Chris!!! And well coached Ian!

Bernadette and Stephen on high ropes course

Our Master Practitioner trainees all completed the high ropes course themselves, walking their talk as usual! Well done all!

Contact us to find out how we can help you to let go of any phobia and make it history

Master Practitioner Training 2007 - Training walk

NLP Trainer Julie French leads a group of Master Practitioner delegates on a full day 'training walk' across the Staffordshire countryside. Faced with specially designed challenges and real clients to work with at key points along the way, the group had no idea what they would be faced with next to test their NLP skills at a level of mastery. (We like to keep them on their toes!).


Our Tanzanian Maasai Adventure February 2006:


February 2006 saw a wonderful adventure for a team of six that spent a week camping in Maasai country, well off the tourist trail and with the privilege of spending time with the Maasai communities there amongst the beautiful wilderness and abundant wildlife.

Tanzania 2006

We will definitely be running a Maasai adventure trip again and there are going to be limited places so get in touch with us now if you want to be one of the few to share the experience

Tanzania 2006

The learning was different for everybody (as with any 'discovery learning' experience) and everyone returned with new insights and incredible memories that will last for a lifetime. Some of the experiences were very moving, including a visit to a small Maasai school where we got to spend some cherished time with the young students, many of whom walked 12 kilometres to and from school daily and had such gratitude for their education.

We learned a lot about how despite having so little materially, the Maasai had amazing pride in themselves and their community and in so many ways they had so much more appreciation of what life had brought to them.

We learned a lot about customer service - we were looked after incredibly well at camp and we were amazed at what was accomplished by our support team with so few resources. They always went the extra mile to make sure our experience was the best it could be and it really put to shame most examples of so called 'service' we had come across in the UK.

Tanzania 2006

We learned so many other things and we are reluctant to specify them all here because this kind of adventure brings so many unique personal discoveries and learnings that we wish to avoid giving you too many expectations that might cloud your own unique discoveries on one of our future trips.

Tanzania 2006

Let us finish by telling you that the photos don't even begin to do justice to this adventure - it was absolutely pure magic!




Contact us to register your interest in future adventures


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