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Book NLP Practitioner training

for your group

(Certification Programme for Coaches and

other Professional People-Developers)

Coaches and professional people developers (new or experienced) can benefit hugely from adding NLP approaches to their 'people development toolboxes'. We have a total passion for delivering world class NLP Practitioner training for small groups of professionals who are eager to learn and hungry to make a positive difference to people's lives.

You'll learn how to help people get more of the results and outcomes that they want more quickly, more easily, more consistently and more effectively...

...whilst experiencing your own significant personal development breakthroughs on this unique journey of self discovery!


Allow us to introduce ourselves ...

We're Tony Burgess and Julie French, co-founders of Academy of High Achievers Ltd

It was our passion for NLP that brought us together both in work and in life and we've designed an NLP Practitioner training programme that is very special - Our heart and soul goes into creating every bit of the magic that you will experience!

We've affectionately called the programme 'Unearthing Diamonds' because the NLP approaches and methods that we share will help you uncover the priceless human treasure that exists as a unique blend within every individual ... and you'll learn to help people reveal the fullness of their true value and shine it out into the world!

This is incredibly fulfilling - every day is full of exciting promise when we have these powerful tools available to work with ... and in many ways, if you choose, NLP becomes a way of life so that you gain all the personal enrichment of adopting the attitudes and principles and philosophy upon which NLP was built: Ownership, flexibility, modelling excellence, doing whatever works, seeing great possibility and positive potential in the people and circumstances you encounter, being 'in the driving seat' of your life, curiosity about the things that really make a difference, separating unhelpful experiences and patterns from the essence of the magnificent human being that may be playing them out ... and more ...



World Class NLP training for small groups

We have total commitment to providing you with an exceptionally high quality experience in which you will live, breathe and appreciate the power of NLP. We keep on stacking in more and more value to provide you with a very special and life-enhancing programme. You will find that it boosts your performance in many different areas of your career and personal life so that you can achieve and experience more of what you truly deserve and help others do the same.

  Early morning walk in France


Call Tony on +44(0)7989 469 570 to discuss your group's training needs or to book your place on our next open programme in June 2015


Spain 07


We have run NLP Practitioner trainings for many years in the UK and abroad (as you can tell from the photos). We can run an intensive residential course for your group or we can split the programme over a number of weeks or months to suit.


The greatest benefits of all will be the personal insights and awakenings you experience that you could never have planned for and yet will affect everything!


Some key areas you will cover on your NLP Practitioner training:


Attitudes underpinning success

  • Learn and adopt the 'working assumptions' (presuppositions) that get the best results when helping people to develop and progress
  • Discover the importance of getting your own inner world aligned with empowering change if you are going to be the best people developer you can be


Well Formed Outcomes – Becoming strongly results-focused and outcome-orientated

  • How to set compelling goals in ways that make them much more likely to be achieved.
  • How to help others to set rich and compelling goals too


Rapport - The fundamental key to connection, influence and better communication

  • How to establish trust
  • How to get on another person’s wavelength
  • How to connect with people more effectively by attending to body language, voice qualities and energy levels conveyed moment by moment


The Art of Effective Language Use – Graceful and Elegant communication

  • How to use language patterns modelled on outstanding communicators and people developers such as Milton Erikson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls. The two main Language models of NLP are called the Meta Model and the Milton Model.
  • Learn how to use language skilfully and respectfully to lower inner resistance and gain greater inner ‘buy-in’ to positive change.
  • How to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter with accuracy and speed, including uncovering what is getting in the way of progress and what will ease progress.
  • How to challenge unhelpful beliefs and assumptions conversationally and help people to steer their minds in the direction of more helpful possibilities.
  • How to ask questions that tease out more choices and solutions from your clients.


Sensory Acuity - Noticing more

  • How to read another person’s eye movements to discover how they are thinking moment by moment
  • How to 'calibrate' against differences in language, movement, breathing, posture, gesture, skin tone and more so you can more easily monitor and influence progress.
  • How to spot behavioural and physiological clues about a person's mental and emotional state and their inner representations. These are unconsciously given off by people moment by moment. Spotting these can help you understand better how to positively guide things in the direction of desired outcomes.


Representational Systems – Understanding how the mind filters and re-presents the sensory world we live in.

  • Understand how human minds work and how people 'think' and 'perceive' as they filter raw data hitting the senses. This will help you understand yourself and others better and will enable you to help more people more effectively
  • How to detect another person’s preferred way of thinking to enhance rapport communication and connection and to introduce more choice and richness for their inner experience of the world.


Submodality Magic – Putting clients at the controls of their own experiences.

  • How to work with the finer details of the very structure of people's thinking and experiences (submodalities) to quickly change unwanted thoughts and feelings
  • How to empower people to 'reframe' their past and anticipated future by helping them use their inner remote control, putting their powerful imagination to good use.
  • How to scramble unhelpful inner programmes that no longer serve a person and replace them with something that simply works better


Anchoring – The power of associative conditioning

  • How to establish and strengthen ‘resource’ anchors so that you are able to trigger powerful positive emotional states instantly
  • How to remove unhelpful anchors that might have been getting in the way


Belief Change - For Good

  • How to help people notice which of their beliefs are slowing or preventing progress and which are supporting them.
  • How to help people make authentic belief shifts so they become free to thrive in their day-to-day activities


Strategies – How do people ‘do’ what they do?

  • Learn how to reveal the unconscious steps a person goes through to create their behaviour and experiences
  • How to ‘re-programme’ personal strategies for better results
  • How to help people to model excellence, particularly their own!


Part work – The key to reomoving any inner 'tug-of-war' and promoting inner alignment

  • How to work with parts of a person's inner team to resolve internal conflict and to remove any inner resistance to useful and positive change
  • How to help a person to experience wholeness and congruence as every part of them 'sings from the same hymn sheet' and 'pulls in the same direction'
  • How to help people to break any pattern of 'one step forward, one step back' (or 'yo-yo' patterns of behaviour)


Perceptual positions - Stepping into other people's shoes for broader awareness and deeper understanding

  • How to effectively 're-play' events from different perspectives for maximising learning and development
  • How to test and measure the effectiveness of possible approaches before applying them 'live'.
  • How to capture and 'model' your own excellence (from the inside-out and the outside-in)


The Art of 'Bringing it all Together'

  • How to elegantly blend these NLP processes, language, techniques and approaches to help people achieve more of what they want more quickly, more easily, more consistently and with lasting effects!


Training on the terrace in France

***Call Tony on +44(0)7989 469 570 to discuss your group's needs***


What you will be able to do once you have experienced your NLP Practitioner training:

  • Help people to strengthen their sense of identity - their self concept and perceived self-worth
  • Help people to take stock and get more clarity about their life, their core values and their most meaningful roles. Help them to get more 'on purpose'
  • Help people to become more outcome focused and solution focused
  • Help people to 'get out of their own way' more easily
  • Help people to ditch any phobias, traumas or other unhelpful 'baggage'
  • Have more purposeful and helpful conversations by harnessing the power of effective language
  • Help people to access their own resourcefulness at will and feel more in the driving seat of their own lives
  • Help people to experience more joy, contentment, inner peace, confidence, gratitude, love, compassion, patience, determination, well-being ... in their lives.
  • Help people to make more solid progress towards their goals
  • Help people to understand themselves (and others) better
  • Help people to communicate more effectively
  • Help people to tap into and understand different perspectives on the same situation
  • Help people to uncover more choices and options
  • Help people to generate a better future for themselves
  • Help people to choose better meanings that keep them resourceful
  • Help people to feel better about unhelpful experiences in their past
  • Communicate with your clients, work colleagues, friends and family more effectively
  • Achieve more and enjoy life more yourself as you benefit from your own personal development breakthroughs on the course and go on to further apply the tools in your own life!

...and more besides!


Some of the key factors that enrich your learning experience with us include the following:

- We insist on training only small groups of delegates which means that you get maximum attention from us as your trainers.

- The way we train and coach you really accelerates your learning by operating at both conscious and unconscious levels of processing and by the time you depart you will be a shining example of NLP excellence.

- We like to keep things simple because that way people will apply what they learn! We provide you with a clear, practical and simple conceptual model through which you can apply all of your change tools (existing and new) to facilitate positive change effectively and reliably, whatever it is that you or your clients want to achieve.

Working together   What a team and what an environment to learn

- We keep out of the unnecessary jargon that often goes with teaching models and methods for facilitating change (although it is available on the CDs and in the manual we provide, for those who want it). We know that helping you to shine as the outstanding facilitator of change that you can be, is about helping you to 'perform' super-effectively rather than helping you to use fancy terminology.

Group - Spain 2007  Stafford NLP Practitioner 2011

- We teach you to be able to work 'content-free'. What we mean by this is that you will become skilled at helping people to make solid progress even when you don't know what it is that they actually want to achieve (only the clients themselves need to know what they want in order for you to help them massively). This is so powerful ...

... So often, 'contamination' can occur when well-meaning coaches get drawn into the client's 'story' and start to offer their own opinions and solutions based on their own models of the world. By being able to offer content-free support, you can keep the change process 'pure', freeing the clients own solutions and resources to move forward effectively. Being able to work in this way will make sure that you operate at a level that is head and shoulders above the level at which most coaches and people development professionals are operating.

Spain 2007  NLP Practitioners Feb 08

- You will have lots of opportunity for your own personal development breakthroughs carefully and closely supported by Tony, & Julie as well as your fellow delegates. This programme is stacked full of 'Aha!'  moments and it is a fabulous opportunity to take a big step up on your personal success journey!

Glastonbury training

- When you graduate from the programme, you will be personally supported by us for life (or at least for as long as we are alive and well enough to support you), as you become part of the Academy's treasured 'Aha! Family'. This ensures that you will keep your NLP tools sharp and that you continue to live and breathe it!

nlp training 2006 pic   Tony and Julie


Call Tony to discuss your group's needs on +44(0)7989 469 570



Tony and Julie in France         Practitioners in France

France NLP Practitioner 2011   France NLP Practitioner 2011

The greatest benefits of all will be the personal insights and awakenings you experience that you could never have planned for and yet will affect everything!


What next?

To ask any questions or to secure an NLP Practitioner programme for your group, feel happy to call us on our personal mobile's to discuss this unique programme further:


Tony Burgess   Tony Burgess: +44 (0)7989 469 570


Julie French  Julie French: +44 (0)7989 991 056



Tony Burgess and Julie French

We look forward to connecting with you and working with you!




France 2010


We can also offer NLP Master Practitioner training (for groups where all are already certified NLP practitioners) and NLP Trainer training (for groups where all are already certified NLP Master Practitioners)

Call Tony to discus: 0044(0)7989 469 570


More words from some of our past delegates:


Jane's Experience:

wonderful Jane Keogh Jane Keogh, NLP Practitoner, comments on her training experience:

Jane qualified with us in April 2007

"WOW! I went (on the course), with some outcomes in mind - definite 'stuff' that I wanted to deal with. I came away having achieved all of those outcomes and more. It wasn't just about my own transformation/breakthroughs, it was about being a part of other people's and sharing with them was a fantastic experience and privilege.

The arrow breaking exercise, during which I chose specifically to deal with one of my major outcomes (I knew that I would know when the right moment presented itself), was a major achievement. A tremendous anchor. Touching, feeling and now just looking at the broken arrow triggers some incredibly powerful feelings of well being!

Living life 'in the flame' is my desire and a week on the practitioners course was the beginning of that for sure!

It's also so wonderful to have 'unclogged' my brain. What I mean specifically, is that it's like I have 'fast filed' stuff that was lying dormant and taking up disc space. As a result, my clarity of thought is so much sharper (pinging to be exact!), and my ability to take on new learnings and concepts has heightened. It's like my brain and in particular my unconscious mind, has become a soft, receptive sponge (natural variety of course), moist and healthy instead of hard,dry and scratchy (that's in the past) - allowing valuable knowledge and learnings to process through.

Of course the valuable relationships that developed over the week and the friendships now growing on the back of an incredible week of growth and development have also added to the experience. For me personally, being there with Sean (my husband) was an added bonus - to see his confidence and natural ability shine through stronger each day was immensely satisfying and rewarding.

I'm looking forward to the next Master Practitioner Course."



Alex Hewitt:


"Truly Inspiring! Tony and Julie make all concepts so easy to grasp. I was able to share a remarkable journey and start one of my own. Much appreciation and gratitude to the whole team"

Alex Hewitt, NLP Practitioner - Glastonbury 2007 (Age 17 at the time of the course - our youngest NLP Practitioner graduate to date! A remarkable man!)




Steve Scholey:

Steve Scholey


"Brilliant! Everything I was told to expect and so much more. The training and insights from Julie and Tony was inspired and inspiring. The knowledge is imparted in so many subtle and powerful ways. My learning was effortless and deep. The combination of NLP and fitness training across the week was such an innovative and effective strategy. I came for NLP training and I go away with my life changed for the better in all sorts of ways. Thanks a million!"

Steve Scholey, NLP Practitioner - Glastonbury 2007

Action Coach



Mary Collin

Founder President of Professional Speakers Association (PSA) West Midlands

Professional Speaker


Founder of Tarot Academy

Founder of Mary Collin Training and Consultancy

"Dear Tony and Julie

This NLP Practitioner course has been the most amazing, enriching, empowering experience. It far exceeded my expectations - which were high as I had already seen you present several times. What you do - and help others to do - is awe-inspiring. Seeing the transformations that took place and experiencing my own transformations is priceless - invaluable and incalculable. I'm only beginning to glimpse all the possibilities - I know that I will easily spot more and more opportunities and ways to continue benefitting as the days, weeks, months and years go by.

A memorable and remarkable experience. What you give to each of your delegates is the most amazing gift we could ever have - our true self in all its glory!

You supply the best, most effective and easy-to-use 'diamond polishing equipment' I have ever seen.

Thank you!

My love always to you both, my dear friends.

Mary x x"

Mary Collin, NLP Practitioner - Stafford, January/February 2008




David Hyner

David Hyner:

Founder of Stretch Development Ltd


International Professional Speaker and Trainer

"Individually, Tony and Julie are powerful coaches and trainers and working together as a training team, they combine to dot every 'i' and cross every 't' when it comes to NLP training.

The content was fascinating, superbly structured, and in addition to this, was very interactive and experiential enabling all delegates to really sense that they could "use" the tools they were learning.

The relaxed and fun style enabled us all to laugh "so much" as we learnt, practised and applied our new skills in a supportive and professional programme.

We all left knowing that we could use this stuff!

Tony and Julie made it all so easy to understand and apply.

It changes lives, including your own.

Amazing results even whilst still on the course !!!"

David Hyner, NLP Practitioner - Stafford, January/February 2008


"Thank you for being such an inspiration - you really are changing lives! I have all the tools I need to open my mind and make my life wonderful. Also the ability to better help those in need of support"

Rebecca Thompson, Practice Building (Coach)


"One of the many great things about the course was the plethora of opportunities to test and experiment and play around with the tools."

Gareth Edwards, Arrowsmith Marketing Ltd


"Tony and Julie's NLP training has given me a whole new dimension to share with others. The factors that led me to choosing the Academy of High Achievers Ltd were their reputation for delivering a high standard of training and excellence. Having met them prior to the training, I was impressed with their passion, commitment and knowledge on this subject. Experiencing the open, permissive, generous teachings has allowed me to discover more about myself and given me the confidence to utilise the skills gained throughout my personal and business life"

Debbie Huxton, Debbie Huxton Ltd


"I had extremely high expectations and these were not just met but really exceeded! The NLP training has given me new insights, Aha! moments, laughter, inspiration, freedom and the tools to apply easily. I would recommend the Academy to anyone who values integrity, openness and a teaching style that is fun, infectious and takes learning to a deep level. Every day uncovers a new delight"

Sue Rutson, Director, Inspiration Training and Coaching Ltd



"Just awesome. I now know what all the people I have spoken to, who have been on the programme, absolutely rave about. A major life-changing event - challenging, enjoyable, fun and just opening my eyes to all the opportunities that lie ahead on this journey. Working with such a professional and motivating Aha! team has really been outstanding. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to be the best they can be"

Ian Nicklin, Action Coach



"I highly urge anyone who is looking for inner calm and a collection of resources that can benefit every aspect of their lives to do this training"

Max Tubbs



"A life changing week! An amazing, wonderful experience! Tony, Julie and Steve are the most amazing facilitators for change. At a business level, I have developed the skills to make a real difference to my clients, work colleagues and the business itself. On a personal level it opened up endless possibilities and showed me my potential for achieving my dreams. Thank you for helping me see me and to know that being me is an amazing thing to be!"

Anne Brown, Director, Stepping Stones Mediation




"A truly life-enhancing experience for body, mind and spirit. My high expectations have been exceeded. I am coming away with very real personal experiences of how powerful NLP is as a way of life. As a minimum I have tools that I have used and feel comfortable using to help people. Far more than that  though, my outlook on life and my desire and enthusiasm to see me and everyone I come into contact with truly live the life we deserve and were designed for has been intensified. The 7 days have been marvelous and have been stored in my treasure chest of wonderful memories. I recommend (insist upon) this course to other coaches and to all people who have others in their circle of influence (teachers, parents....)"

Mark Dyble, Action Coach



"Fantastic experience that has surpassed all expectation. Well structured and has given me much more clarity to all areas of my life. My personal growth has gone through the roof!

Rebecca Pitt



"The course was from start to finish interesting, stimulating, challenging and above all, loads of fun! This was due to a couple of amazing, unique and inspirational trainers as well as the fantastic bunch of delegates who made it all such a positive and great experience (and Steve Halls for his unique and very special contribution).

I have learned so many skills and techniques that will change my life and the way I feel about myself when I apply them consistently. Thank you for giving me such an amazing and wonderful experience."

Sharon Gaskin

The Trainers' Training Company



"Thank you for an awe-inspiring,life changing experience. The past 7 days have brought learning, reflection, emotion, new insights and fun! Wrap this up with the fabulous content and truly outstanding delivery from both of you and I can say that this training really has been the full package. Congratulations on achieving such inspirational levels of excellence. Your passion and total commitment to what you do has ensured that I take away the skills to touch people's lives and also my own life has been positively affected by the magic you have performed. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course as an event which can and will change lives."

Andy Hemming

Action Coach




"Thank you for this life changing opportunity! I consider myself incredibly blessed to have been empowered and to take these wonderful teachings out into the world. This journey is only just beginning and holds so much excitement and potential. With so much clarity as to what the future now holds and determination to use my new found NLP skills - I see no boundaries, only opportunities; no problems, only solutions! With love and gratitude to you both."

Karen Steele

Master Teacher

Golden Light Reiki School



"A quite amazing 7 days. Fantastic content delivered in such an ingenious and energising way that I know that so much of the learning is now part of me.

The magic of NLP has, in the space of a week, allowed me to redefine my purpose, my ideal outcomes and my priorities. It has given me insight into what has been in my way and opened my eyes and heart to the resources I have within me to get those obstacles out of the way.

Tony, Julie and Steve have combined and conspired to make a real difference to my life and have primed me to get out there and make a real difference to other people's lives. Tony and Julie did a fantastic job of getting together a great group of 'practitioners in training' and their inspiration, enthusiasm, talent and energy enabled the whole group to connect and grow together.

I look forward to staying very much part of the Aha! family as I continue my journey"

Graeme Crosbie

Action Coach / Level Up (South West)




"Everybody knows you are the NLP Gurus and this life experience simply reinforces that. Simply outstanding. With much love, gratitude and laughter"

Nicola Masters



"An amazing, magical journey of enlightenment. Fantastic!! Thank you so much for helping me feel a fantastic human being"

Owen Ward




"I believe the magic of the course began working for me from the time I agreed to do it and continued througout the course. The tools became useful immediately, facilitating dramatic improvements in my relationship with one of my sons in particular. I also began to see results straight away with my clients.

The course was fun in a way that made learning easy and effortless, and embedded possibly forever.

Julie and Tony you are true professionals, wonderful and caring human beings. Your passion for NLP is infectious"

Predencia Gabbidon


Oasis Solutions



"Fantastic course. The pace was excellent. The teachings amazing. The venue so very special. You are such a special couple. I have learnt so much about me. You have helped me to find the diamond inside and I shall be forever grateful to you. An incredible journey with such an amazing group of people, who I now count as my friends"

Annie Magowan



"A fantastic journey of self awareness. Focuses on how to use NLP instead of just theoretical stuff. Phenomenal tutors - Bundles of energy, fun and wisdom. Truly inspiring stuff. If you're serious about changing your life or helping others to do so, this training is a must!!!! It stretched my comfort zones and I will take away some fantastic learnings and memories. Magic!"

Andrew Kureishy

Action Coach




Warmest wishes


Tony & Julie


Tony Burgess: +44(0)7989 469 570

Julie French: +44(0)7989 991 056










Comments about our NLP training from some of our past delegates:

Brilliant teaching and reinforcing of all of the skills needed to help change lives, starting with my own. A MUST for everybody. Study with two of the most congruent, skilled and loving trainers.

Andy Gwynn

Coach and Trainer



If you step up and do this course, and then use what you learn, you'll find that all areas of your life will be enhanced.
The quality of our lives is firmly based upon the quality of communication we give. Julie enhances lives!
Gil Vasey



For me a near perfect programme, your joint facilitation was seamless & superb, changing the state & subject just the way it needed to be changed at the right time.
You also achieved that rare feat of creating just enough anxiety to trigger deep lasting learning, but not so great that free flowing experimentation would have been held back, use of Accelerated Learning techniques was also masterful.
I now look forward to deepening & broadening my personal learning and I know I have at least two outstanding models to learn from in my NLP (life I believe!!) journey.
The even more positive impact I will have now and in the future will in large measure be thanks to your subtle facilitation
Joe McGrath
Management & Technical Skills Development Manager
Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd


The content of the course from CD to workbook is excellent. The course has helped me in so many more ways than I would have thought possible. Thank you.
As for the quality of presentation, it does not need many words - perfect!
Phil Morgan


I found the CD's excellent to listen to and a real help in enabling me to develop an understanding of the material.
The training content was wonderful. It was great to see the demonstrations of the techniques before practicing them ourselves.
The fun exercises and games were a brilliant mix with the formal content
I loved your relaxed natural style, which enabled me to feel relaxed and safe to try out processes and know that nothing is 'wrong'
Katie Rowland
Director (and Executive Coach)
Rowland and Associates Ltd


The teaching style worked fantastically well for me. I loved and appreciated having material to work with before the course.
The quality of presentation was excellent!
Carmen Macdougall
Director (and coach)
Life Coach UK


Tony, Julie and Steve offer an incredible gift in the form of an amazing journey of discovery. I have, in the past, thought testimonials to be exaggerated and occasionally 'over the top', but words cannot describe the enormous generosity that spills from their work. They train in a hugely sensitive, fun and intuitive way with a very keen sense of what is wanted and needed by delegates. It was an immense pleasure and total honour. Thank you.

Sarah Armitage

Work Vitality


Having seen Julie's work I was keen to model her skills myself and so signed up for her NLP training. Here, her supportive teaching style created an environment where we could learn and retain new skills easily and have a great time doing it.
When my own life needed attention it was obvious to me who to turn to as a coach and once again her sensitivity and expert skills created a massive positive result in a very short space of time.
You will find it hard to find a better trainer or coach than Julie French.
Andrew Clark
The Speaker's Academy


Having been a trainer on a previous Academy of High Achievers Programme, I knew that this would be of a very high standard. The programme not only met but exceeded expectations. I am delighted to say I have been able to integrate the learning thanks to your advanced learning methods. Many thanks.

Simon Zutshi

Professional Speaker and property investment expert.



This week has represented an amazing journey led by two amazing guides...It has given me everything I required of it and I will recommend it to anyone who wants to unleash their own potential and who wants to go on and touch the lives of others. This programme has provided skills insights, inspiration, fun, laughter and challenges by the truckload. Thank you. It/you/we are amazing!

Ian Kinnery




Well organised and very professional training. Exceeded my expectations and gave me a life-enhancing experience. Every method of training was effective, ensuring that I came away feeling competent in practicing at a high level. Each member of the training team gave their all every minute of every day. I felt extremely privileged with all the one-to-one support I received. Each and every delegate hadaccess to unlimited support throughout. Keep the numbers small - it works!

Thanks for bringing forward my goal. Without this course I wouldn't have been able to see my true potential and purpose.

Rachel Stoop

Life Coach



The mystery around this 'life-enhancing experience' unfolded each day with the magic that you worked. My expectations were high along with the standards I had set myself and have been completely blown away. Each day brought something new and exciting that was done in a completely safe and supportive environment. I have never - yes, never - experienced a course that has given me so much, both physically and mentally, with so much magic and fun.

Kevin Lamb

Learning and Development Facilitator



Words fail me to express all the many ways that this Practitioner training has affected my life! Suffice it to say that the professionalism and patience, care and compassion shown to myself and other delegates was without measure. I would recommend this training to anyone of any age group.

Mike Deakin



Ok, where do I begin? After 7 days filled with excitement, fun, fears, energy and transformation, my life and my outlook will never be the same again. The level of commitment shown by Julie French and Tony Burgess to each and every delegate was phenomenally high. The belief exuding from Steve was equally considerable. This enabled all the amazing delegates to follow a unique and very personal journey, which will remain with them for a lifetime. Such change has inspired everyone to step up and then to step up again. We all now know exactly what were capable of and we truly, truly believe it too – and that is ANYTHING! It has been a perfect course that has set me up for a perfect life. Thank you Julie, Tony and Steve.”
Sanjiv Sethi



Julie French and Tony Burgess create learning programmes that make an important difference in people’s lives, careers and business. These, coupled with ongoing support events, and a wonderfully diverse network of participants, including me I’m pleased to say, add up to something very special. I’m very happy to have chapters by Tony and Julie in my book, ‘Good Question! The Art of Asking Questions to Bring about Positive Change’ and their writing is as positive as they are. You are in good hands with Tony and Julie.
Judy Barber
Author, Coach, Seminar Leader.



The programme has been a life changing experience for me. This is really down to you Tony, Julie and Steve. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in such a passionate, energetic, fun and professional way. You successfully created and environment, which was totally conducive to learning.
I certainly feel empowered to achieve my massive goal.
Sharon Elliott, Coach

An amazing course. Learning was awesome, raising me to a level of understanding and application to really have impact on behaviour. Tony and Julie work as a duo with such impact that they deliver as one. This gives an experience of learning which could not be beaten. They give their all and as a result the delegates go from strength to strength.

Lynn Grocott

Author, Coach and Professional Speaker


Going along to this “full immersion” course in April 2005 gave me an opportunity to enhance my NLP skills beyond my wildest dreams whilst being stretched both mentally and physically.
The team and individual challenges took me way out of comfort zone on numerous occasions. However, I always felt safe in the knowledge that I was not being judged. Far from it, I was being helped on every step of the journey.
To include fitness trainer (Steve Halls) in the presentation team was a stroke of genius. Feeling myself wanting to join in with the early morning walks, jogs and swims was tremendous and down to the sense of safety that came from Steve’s understanding of everyone’s physical capabilities.
Well done Julie and Tony for putting on such an inspirational week.
Bryn Jones, Sometime NOW

Well what can I say – what an amazing and awesome experience it was. I found the course a profound and powerful learning experience, far beyond any personal development course I have attended or delivered.
The course was cleverly packaged as an NLP Practitioner Course and was so much more. I have developed some new skills, discovered new labels for old skills, and let go of some self-limiting beliefs too. Such good value for money!
The talk and chalk was kept to a minimum, the emphasis being on experiential learning in pairs and small groups. The exercises were extremely creative and engaging. Both of you modelled the skills with elegance and creative flair, and a sense of fun. The values underpinning NLP as an approach were clearly in evidence throughout the week.
Having Steve there for the whole week to engage our bodies in the learning process was inspirational. He added an energising dimension to the learning, bringing his unique quick wit and coaching skills to the fore.
I look forward to many more inspirational experiences from AHA!
Nicky Davies, Facilitator and Coach


First and foremost, again you have excelled yourselves. This course has given me the icing and cherries on top of my cake as far as my coaching skills are concerned. I feel as though I am now coaching at a different level, which is exactly what I wanted.

You were both amazingly supportive and prepared to give at the drop of a hat. This was lovely and much appreciated. Finally, I think the way in which the learning was structured made it so easy to take on board. I had so much fun. Thanks again. It was an unforgettable experience.

I have known Tony and Julie for a few years now and they never cease to amaze me with their talents as NLP Trainers and Practitioners. I remember the first event of theirs that I attended completely inspired me, into making the transition from HR Practitioner to Professional Coach. Then last summer I was inspired again into setting up my own business, which is now a reality. I appreciate that when people talk about things being a “life changing experience” that it sounds a little cheesy, however, that's the truth. I cannot recommend this team highly enough

Estelle Read, Director of Beee

(Coaching and Training)


You know don't you how amazing that week will be in the hearts of us all for the whole of our life time.

You three are fantastic in planning those special parts that constitute magic. Three Merlins showering us all with magic stardust each incredible day until with boundless love we had all shared together some of the best days of our life. With tears of joy, I love you all.

Christine Doyle



Thank you both from the deepest parts of my soul. Life will never be the same again

Neil Hewitt



The difference that this week has made to my life is totally immeasurable. I am indeed a different person today than when I joined the course on Sunday. Thank you for a truly inspirational, fun, easy learning, transformational week. I had my reservations about NLP before joining your course. Now I can safely and thankfully say that it is definitely the best, most powerful transformational toolbox that I now own. The easy, persuasive way that you delivered the course was amazing. You both supported me in your own individual unique ways, adding even more to my fantastic breakthroughs. Im wondering if you realise how much you touch people's lives.

Jennifer McLeod

Managing Director

Step Up! International



How inspiring you both are! What an amazing week. Thank you both for inspiring, cajoling, enticing, enlightening and delighting me

Jane Keogh



One of the most inspirational weeks of my life. Thank you for truly enriching my life

Tony Altham



A huge thank you to you amazing pair. You have shown me the wonderful magic that you weave, clearing, changing, revealing my diamond within, allowing me to shine.

John Davison (Coach)



Absolutely perfect! Great format, great atmosphere, great results. I hope many other people experience that. Thanks for everything. A massively life-changing experience. Much love and appreciation

Fiona Howarth


An awesome event. A must for anyone who wants more from life - more for them, their family, friends, colleagues, clients. The best training of my life so far. So practical, so beneficial, so...what are you waiting for?

Chris Clarke




Wonderfully simple and effective organisation. Relaxed and 'getting the job done' approach. The openness and congruence of the personal information shared aided and enhanced the experience. Ingenious use of physical activity and exercise to team-build, keep the energy high and a large amount of learning time - 6am to 11pm - I would never have believed it possible but I do now. Also the humour added to the experience 10-fold. The many individual touches all added to the feeling of having attended a truly expert training - and certainly life-enhancing!

Healthcare Manager in the Charity Sector



I started the course with high expectations which were all gracefully met and super-exceeded. A totally life-enhancing experience! Finally - the last barrier smashed through! And the other side? 100% certainty of my powerfulness as an agent of permanent change for myself and all who want it. I now know totally that I can reach out and grab the life I have been destined to live to fulfil my mission - to radiate, nurture and manifest God's love for humanity. Awesome!

Sarah Jayne Hewitt



This course was truly life-changing. The learnings have made sense of so many things in my life and have given me a huge number of tools to explore further. Vitally, I now know that I am an exceptional coach with the power to help people make magical changes in their lives, both in my professional roles as coach and trainer and in private life. The course was led by two exceptionally gifted trainers - Julie French and Tony Burgess. It was hugely participative. The approach was instructive, stretching and fun - the 3 best elements for learning. Tony and Julie not only walk the talk and walk the walk - they LIVE it! Plenty of hard copy was provided alongside the practical training. Real support is provided. The welcome and warmth we received meant that I for one have been able to push my personal boundaries beyond anywhere that I had anticipated . As I said to start with - Life changing!

Fiona Whytehead

Trainer and Coach



This has been an outstanding seven days that has provided me with the skills to make a difference to people's lives. The tutoring by Tony and Julie has been masterful. What I had believed to be a very complicated subject was delivered so simply and skillfully. Ten out of ten.

Paul Tracey



An amazing, truly superb journey over seven days. The content, the delivery, the style and the level of commitment and generosity shown by Tony and Julie from beginning to end has been astounding. Tony and Julie are the difference that makes a difference! I know that and I know that once you've experienced Aha! then you'll know that too. The connection between Julie and Tony and myself is so strong and bonding and I have discovered two amazing diamonds who will shine with me forever. I am humbled and so truly, thoroughly grateful. Thank you.

Aha's NLP training has the X Factor that other providers lack

Dave Turner



Thanks to the style, knowledge and approach you have applied, you have provided an awesome learning experience that has not only allowed me to learn new skills, I have also learned so much about myself. Your ability to bring the best out of the people attending the course created the most powerful group dynamic I have seen. Your attention to excellence and every detail made for a mind expanding wonderful week. I am honoured to be part of the Academy of High Achievers. Forever Grateful.

Donald Melrose

Managing Director

Great Intentions Ltd



Simply Awesome!

Wayne Pearce

Eaglet UK Ltd



An absolutely life-enhancing experience that will grow with me for the rest of my life. I will be forever grateful and appreciative to have had this privilege of experiencing Tony and Julie's magic and that of my wonderful fellow practitioners who journeyed with me. I now know, as many others do, exactly how to make 'a difference that makes a difference' and now feel equipped and resourced to do so.

With each confident step I now take forward I will forever anchor this experience and draw on the resources I now have (and have become aware that I always had).

Kieran Grimshaw

Group HR Executive

Crystal Martin International



To say it was perfect would be so easy...It was perfect....there, I said so!!! It was a great event in every way. I was carefully guided and encouraged. Steve is a perfect part of the team. It was EXCELLENT!!!

Tom Sanderson



An amazing and intense week of learning, inspiration and fun. Truly life enhancing. Many Thanks.

Julie and Tony are experts in this field and radiate passion for their work and oiur development

David Horton




This week has been truly inspirational and aspirational. It has been a real journey of discovery to understand my inner self which will not only benefit me but also my clients as I unlock their true potential.

the pre-course and on-course material and exercises have been brilliant and the tool box and 'utility belt' of resources have been fantastic.

Thank you Tony and Julie for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing group.

Mandy Hildred

Business Coach



I have found the Aha! experience to be invaluable, in particular as a personal development journey. I came out of the other end feeling a more complete person with so many choices that I didn't know existed

Julie Hutt



Wow! What an amazing experience! A great course. Content and pace all exactly right. 'Stretching' in all the right places! I am so glad I decided to do it. Thank you Aha!

Julie Larbey


Phoenix Business Coaching




Quite simply a wonderful opportunity to shine. Let Tony and Julie show you all that you can be

Carl Barton




A truly memorable experience. Every minute has been a valuable learning opportunity. I have attanded many courses and this one is easily ahead of the rest in terms of content, presentation and value added

Chris Johnston


Hamilton Johnston Limited




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