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Join us in Spain

We spend 60 + days over the Winter period living and working in Spain - generally spread across the period between mid-October and the start of April.

Come and join us for one-to-one training, mentoring, coaching or therapeutic support. You could arrange to come along with a friend or two or bring your spouse or partner so you can learn and develop together. We can also happily arrange to work with your small team.

The site of our Winter base in Spain is the wonderful Las Mimosas Beach Club, which is very close to Torrenueva and La Cala de Mijas on the Costa del Sol (southern Spain). It is only a 30 to 40 minute taxi ride from Malaga airport (or there are good transfer options via train and bus), with regular cheap flights to and from the UK and Europe. We can help arrange your accommodation at Las Mimosas Beach Club too.

Below is a Winter view from our balcony. Clients staying in an apartment on this same site will also have similar views, as all rooms are sea-facing. One-to one work (or work with 2 friends or a couple) can then be done on one of the balconies or in a suitable location within the grounds ... or on the beach if you prefer. Or if you wish us to work with a group of friends or with your team, we can use a room on site or hire a local venue to suit.

View from our base in Spain

Above - Winter view from the balcony at our 'Winter office' in Spain. A perfect spot to join us for learning and development

One-to-one work from a balcony at our winter office in Spain   Clients can work with us from a balcony 

Susan Berryman, a delightful client, joined us in Spain to be trained one-to-one in DiSC during the Winter season.


Although we cannot influence or guarantee the weather, we've previously experienced lots of warm sunshine over the Winter months in this beautiful Southern Spain location. It is a key reason for us staying and working there in Winter. All photos on this web page were taken in WInter.

A great place to watch the sun go down after work at our local in Spain

This local bar is a particularly great place to watch the sun go down after a day of learning and development (above)


You can enjoy strolling along a beautiful coastline via a purpose-made board walk that passes right outside the grounds of our acommodation ... or you can walk along the beach if you prefer (below)

Board walk in Spain  Walk along the coast in Spain

The Board walk makes experiencing the beauty of this local coastline easy (Winter photos above).

Walk along the beach in Spain

Winter evening photo of one of the local beaches you can enjoy


Feel happy to join us for a morning run or a trip to the gym if you enjoy exercising in a beautiful place (below)

Morning run in Spain  Outdoor Gym in Spain

A great environment for exercising outdoors - all are Winter photos of beautiful spots local to where we're based

Morning run in Spain  Outdoor gym in Spain



We both love running our business from here, even when we are not working directly with clients.

Tony at work at our winter office in Spain 

Tony in the 'Winter office' (above)

Julie at work at our Winter office in Spain

Julie on a skype call in the surrounding gardens or our 'Winter office' (above)


By coming to join us in Spain, you can benefit from a variety of offerings: one-to-one personal or executive coaching, one-to-one training and mentoring in topics such as DiSC, NLP, Havening Techniques®, Pink Bucket Thinking or our 6-Step Belief Change Process, or therapeutic support, for example if you wish to increase confidence in a particular area or you wish to ditch a personal trauma or fear that has been haunting you. We're also happy to work with two or more friends, with couples or with small teams.

To discuss how we might support, mentor, train or coach you in this beautiful location during one or more of our regular stays in the Winter season, please contact us directly: Tony Burgess 0044(0)7989 469 570, Julie French 0044(0)7989 991 056

Tony Burgess and Julie French at their Winter office location

We look forward to welcoming you!

Tony Burgess and Julie French

Founding Directors, Academy of HIgh Achievers Ltd


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