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World Class Presentations with NLP & DiSC®

(Training for Leaders and Managers)

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  How committed are you to continually raising your game in your presentations as a Manager or Leader?

?   How useful will it be to really step up your performance to enhance your reputation as a World Class presenter and communicator?

  How ready are you to shine brighter out there to represent the company or organisation in a positive and highly professional light?


If the answer to any of these questions is 'very', then this training is designed for you!



So how will this training help you to step up to 'World Class'?



Tony Burgess

Booking us to deliver this training for you and your fellow Leaders and/or Managers will help you:

  • Remove any negative effects of anxiety or nervousness about presenting and learn to access useful stage states (such as confidence, calm, commanding, likeable, fun, approachable, according to the nature of the presentation)
  • Take the pain out of planning! Plan purposeful presentations easily
  • Get rid of that piece of paper! Speak confidently without notes (eg using memory techniques)
  • Avoid the kinds of linguistic blunders that are rife in presentations (even those delivered by well accomplished Professional Speakers). Learn to utilise language effectively for connection and influence and to 'prime' your audience to get massive benefits and value from your delivery.
  • Know how to deal effectively with ‘challenging’ members of the audience, keeping them ‘on side’ and even converting them from cynics to advocates
  • Avoid 'turning off' sectors of your audience. Increase your awareness of the variety of people that may ‘show up’ in any audience and how to structure a presentation to meet the needs of wide and varied preferences, styles and priorities of audience members
  • Stop your audience getting bored or lost in the theory. Weave personal stories and metaphors into presentations to bring alive the concepts being presented.
  • Let more of YOU shine through! Be totally natural, congruent and authentic in your delivery of presentations
  • Overcome the 'Graveyard Shift' effect by learning to use appropriate and stimulating variety in your presentations. Master your use of tonality, pace, volume and body language to keep the audience interested and engaged throughout


What would it mean for you and your organisation to get left behind in these crucial areas?


We urge you to make a clear and firm decision to take action whilst this priority area of development is on your mind. We are sure you fully understand that progress comes to those who decide and then act. It is, in itself, a 'World Class' pattern of behaviour!

Julie French Academy of High Achievers Ltd

This value-packed training programme is ideally delivered over two days and is crammed full of practical tips and experiences that you will help you take that step up in your delivery straight away. With an abundance of tools drawing from the success sciences of NLP and DiSC®, you will be raising your awareness and performance as a presenter to a whole new level of excellence.


Who will be my trainers?

Julie French and Tony Burgess - Training Trainers and Coaches

Tony Burgess and Julie French. We are Directors of Academy of High Achievers Ltd and specialise in facilitating the development of Trainers, Coaches and Speakers

We're experienced Coaches, Trainers and Professional Speakers ourselves, delivering workshops, multi-day training events and keynotes, nationally and internationally. We deliver keynote presentations individually and we also deliver together as a ‘duo’ on stage, which is quite unusual on the professional speaking circuit.

Tony Burgess  Julie French Director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd

In addition to conference speaking, we've been delighted to present as guest speakers at professional speakers' group meetings to demonstrate good practice to other Professional Speakers and budding Professional Speakers and Presenters.

Our expertise in NLP and DiSC® provides you with a powerful set of success tools for communicating and influencing at World Class level.

We've worked with lots of different Leaders, Managers, Trainers, Speakers and Presenters over the years, sometimes one-to-one and other times in groups and we are told that we deliver something very special.

Julie French


We will happily deliver this training programme for any group of Leaders or Managers at any suitable venue that is convenient geographically for your participants.

We can also work one-to-one with any individual Leader or Manager to help them to raise their game in a totally tailored way.


Tony Burgess Director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd

We are very happy to explore with you your specific personal and professional needs and ambitions as a presenter and invite you to contact Tony Burgess in the first instance on +44 (0)7989 469 570


Julie French and Tony Burgess, Directors of Academy of High Achievers Ltd

We look forward to connecting with you!


To download your FREE Special Report titled 'Overcome Performance Anxiety: How to Connect with Your True Confidence to Present or Perform' - valued at £24.97 - Click here



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