Dear wonderful you

I’m just dropping by to remind you that you are SO much better than you’ve been telling yourself.

So often you experience self-doubt about your capabilities and your value to the world.  And yet … you’re a world champion! Yes, you’re world champion at being magnificent YOU. No one else can compete with that because no one else can BE magnificent you. You are a one-off, you see. A totally unique blend of characteristics, talents and resources. You have a unique and special purpose on this planet and only you can fulfil it. No one else can properly fill your shoes because no one else is you.

You may not be aware of your purpose yet. Maybe you’ll never know it perfectly in your head. And yet the deepest, wisest part of you will carefully nudge and guide you to act according to your purpose. You simply need to follow your highest inspirations. Your finest intuitions will signpost you towards positive contribution, compassion and kindness. Your inner compass will steer you towards gratitude and appreciation of yourself, others and the world around you. Your best insights will guide you to look after yourself, nurture yourself and replenish your positive energy when you need to. You are designed to shine brightly and you can only do so when you engage in self-care. That way, you can help light up the world and inspire others to shine brightly too.

I know that you sometimes get in your own way. Sometimes you simply think too much. Sometimes you torture yourself over mistakes rather than simply soaking up the learning and moving on. Sometimes you take people’s unkind remarks and criticisms too much to heart and you forget to do the same when you are complimented or praised. Sometimes you compare yourself unfavourably with others because you have forgotten you are uniquely magnificent. Sometimes you spend too much time ruminating about the worst experiences of your past or block your own progress through fear of an imagined future. All of this is very human. Thank goodness you’re human! And it can be useful to remind yourself that you are better than all of that.

Give yourself a break. That rant between your ears is more than you deal out to your worst enemies. Quieten your mind and you will begin to notice that you are jam-packed with love. You have huge potential for a fabulous and meaningful life. You see, living your best experiences in life is simply an ‘access job’. You are already more than good enough. You sometimes think you have to become something better but all you need to do is discover ways to access the best of you that is already there inside. You deserve to experience the best you have to offer. Give yourself permission to allow your most delightful qualities to shine through. Ask yourself how you can make a difference in the world. Do big and small things that light you up and send positive ripples out into the world, which in turn will grow into bigger and bigger waves. Invite the best version of you to come out and play each day. Dare to speak from your heart. Your willingness to be honest and vulnerable will be what connects you to the world.

I can see through all of that turmoil on the surface. I know that you have hidden treasure inside. You are a beautiful diamond. You are worth more than you may ever know. Priceless, priceless treasure, unlike any that has ever existed before or will ever exist again.

Become a treasure hunter. Become a diamond miner. Bring to the surface what already exists out of sight. Light up the world with the wonders that reside within you. You are the best possible gift you can bring to the world. Reclaim your best self – the real you – and step fully into the arena of life. Choose to live your life fully alive whilst you can.

Be you. Magnificent you. Wonderful you.

I’ll always be here for you.

With love, deep respect and appreciation for all that you are,

Clarity  x

Copyright – Tony Burgess 2018